About My Books

I’ve been writing stories since I learned how to form proper words. The following is a list of my current works in progress.

Aedan isn’t like the other Sidhe. His mother was human and his father a leprechaun. All his life he’s wanted to go out and see how humans live, but it is against the law set up between the Tuatha de Danaan and the Sidhe a thousand years ago. His curiosity about the mortal world will lead him out of the Circle, away from his father and into a life he may well regret searching for.

In the works.


Nathan Holloway is a high school English teacher with a love for travel. On a fateful trip to India where he spent several months teaching English in a remote village, Nathan ends up cursed by a Sadhu and his life changes forever.

Travelling back to Ireland, he tries to live his life as normally as possible, but how normal is someone after a bony finger has been pointed at them and the spell of ‘virvrika’ is cast upon them?

In the works.


Ella Sometimes
Misunderstood and with undiagnosed mental illness, 16 year old Ella drifts between real life and the imaginary world without any real tangible knowledge of either. Turning to drugs and alcohol Ella tries to find some sort of control in a world where nothing makes sense, least of all – herself.

Her depression is about to spiral out of control, and her desire to be loved will lead her down a path that will change who she is forever.

In the works.

2 thoughts on “About My Books

  1. Rachel Tobin

    hello kelly. I can’t quite figure out how to contact you without the inclusion of the group of your friends I wrote a poem a while back based on your blog entry about meeting Keri Hulme and would like to send it to you and ask your permission to include it in my first collection. You can contact me at rt@racheltobin.co.nz

  2. Kelly Post author

    I’ve just emailed you. What a lovely message to find on my blog! Thank you so much Rachel! 🙂

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