About My Books

I’ve been writing stories since I learned how to form proper words. The following is a list of my current works in progress.

Sidhe; A Fairytale
Aedan, son of Ignatius of the Connemara Circle is the first of his kind. But everyone else in his home village only sees a half-breed, and a threat to their comfortable old ways. If low Sidhe can mate with and produce offspring with humans then what will become of their lineage? The leprechaun and banshee population is already on the decline, and Aedan’s lack of banshee blood means something new for both their species.

Aedan however, just wants to be allowed to live his own life, and learn about his mother’s human heritage. Abandoned by his maternal grandmother after his mother died giving birth to him, Aedan has never known a life outside of the Sidhe’s Circle.

His journey will bring him out of his magical home as a young man and into the human world, where he will learn how differently everything works in a place where one Sidhe day is the equivalent of a human week, and how passionate and alive the world truly is. Heartbreak, loss of family, friendship, arranged marriage, and true love meet to create a modern fairytale for the masses. A story of love and acceptance in places you least expect to find it.

Coming hopefully in 2018



Sixteen year old Orla Langrova, is the sole survivor in her family. For the first five years after the war, Orla and her parents lived with a small group of survivors in the neighbourhood she grew up in. They built a life for themselves away from the monsters created by the government, and lived in relative peace – until the day the walls no longer held back the undead hordes that poured into their haven, slaughtering and eating the living with no remorse.

Now, Orla must learn how to survive on her own in a world where the dead have come back to gorge on human flesh, and the soldiers genetically modified to fight them, hold their own dangerous secrets. Traveling through the Chechian streets of Ostrava, Orla is heading North towards Poland, in the hopes of finding a place where the living, outnumber the dead.

In the works.


Nathan Holloway is a high school English teacher with a love for travel. On a fateful trip to India where he spent several months teaching English in a remote village, Nathan ends up cursed by a Sadhu and his life changes forever.

Travelling back to Ireland, he tries to live his life as normally as possible, but how normal is someone after a bony finger has been pointed at them and the spell of ‘virvrika’ is cast upon them?

In the works.


Ella Sometimes
Misunderstood and with undiagnosed mental illness, Ella drifts between real life and the imaginary world without any real tangible knowledge of either. Turning to drugs and alcohol Ella tries to find some sort of control in a world where nothing makes sense, least of all – herself.

Her depression is about to spiral out of control, and her desire to be loved will lead her down a path that will change who she is forever.

In the works.

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  1. hello kelly. I can’t quite figure out how to contact you without the inclusion of the group of your friends I wrote a poem a while back based on your blog entry about meeting Keri Hulme and would like to send it to you and ask your permission to include it in my first collection. You can contact me at rt@racheltobin.co.nz

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