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It is 9am, I am showered, dressed and have just come home from walking the girls to school. I KNOW! I have two loads of washing to hang out and some work to do around the house of course..boxes to unpack, things to tidy up..last night I went through our huge box of photos and stored them all in the dining room cabinet. We have a dining room cabinet! The top drawer has all my glasses in it and the dinner plates, and the bottom drawer has memories. All our photo albums and saved special stories and pictures that the kids have done at kindergarten and school. Also, office supplies – envelopes, pens, drawing pins etc.

What really impresses me though, is that I am up and dressed and it’s only 9am! Unheard of! I’m so looking forward to having this entire day all to myself to just do whatever I like in my very own house. The cats are settling in really nicely, Swirl has taken to hiding under Siobhan’s bed, but the other two are perfectly happy here now, thank you very much. I don’t know what’s up with Swirl at all. She comes out and sleeps on top of Siobhan’s bed once the house has returned to quiet, but she’s not at all interested in looking around otherwise. I am hating having to have cat boxes inside. But they are using them and this pleases me. Even if Greebo sat in one and looked at me while having a big poo that almost killed me. Eye-wateringly bad I tell you! Ugh! They’re funny, we have two boxes, and they seem to pee in one and poo in the other! All very interesting, I know.

The girls are so proud of their rooms! You should see them. And you will I promise! Once everything is in place..which may take some time yet..still though, they look great, and they’re so pleased with themselves. Everything is neatly put away, and proudly displayed on their dressers and their bookcases and they’re very proud of themselves. I need to get some picture hooks so that we can put up pictures. I still have a full box load of old Pixiphotos (they’re a professional company who specialise in taking kids/baby photos and you get suckered into buying thousands of them which you then have to store), some of the frames will be re-used for more artistic photography, and photos of my grandparents which I am hoping to print out at work before I leave on good A3 sheets. Ahh the perks of being a professional photographer. hee!

I think I should get a few more photo albums..those big sticky ones so that I can put all the huge pixiphotos in it and not have them get all ruined. I’ve found such interesting things. It’s amazing, when you don’t have a digital camera, just what sort of photos you keep. We have some amazingly crap ones, and duplicates from here to eternity. I sorted through them all last night and have a pile to throw away. Ollie had a wee panic attack about it, but he’ll survive. I found photos of us from drunken nights out, and pin-up poses he made me get in, and do you know what? I used to be so gorgeous! I had legs to die for! I forgot my legs used to be that good. All that karate and gyming and running around the city for my work and walking to and from work up and down hills all day long certainly did my body good. I will have to scan some and show you! I had such bad afro 80’s hair though..and to think..it was the 90’s and still I had bad 80’s hair!

We spent all afternoon yesterday clearing out the garden shed and the garage of the old house. It was awful. We had totally underestimated how much stuff we had. We had to bring home two of the three trailer loads of rubbish because the stupid refuse station closed at 4.30pm! Although, we did find out that we can recycle almost anything there, which is good news. Everything at one place makes life so much simpler. I think Ollie has learned his lesson about hoarding though, I said “do you see why it’s not a good thing to keep everything now?” and he looked at me all annoyed and exhausted and said “yes!” let’s hope that he remembers that in a year’s time!

We went looking around furniture stores yesterday for..you guessed it! New dressers! There isn’t actually a whole lot that I really like. I’m tempted to just get another chest of drawers..we have good mirrors in the bathroom and a lovely almost full length one in the hall that has it’s own little light over it for those days when I need to make myself beautiful. Although, it’s always handy to have one in your room..you can buy little mirrors with drawers under them that sit on the top of tallboys though. We are thinking about buying a whole bedroom set, we could use a headboard..we could probably use an entire new bed..all our furniture is pretty rubbish in there aside from Ollie’s tallboy which we bought new a few years ago. We’ve been looking at swing seats and outdoor furniture, and television cabinets and all kinds of things. It’s fun. We drive past kitchen places getting excited by the amount of them all dedicated to revamping our kitchen.

So, what am I going to do today you might ask? Well, it is now almost 9.30am..I’m going to hang out my two loads of washing, go make the kids beds, clear some more boxes if I can..a lot of the stuff left now is Ollie’s, it’s all wires and computery things that I don’t really know what to do with, and then I’m going to set up the Christmas tree so that the girls can decorate it after school. We bought some Christmas lights yesterday too, which we’re going to set up over the sliding doors..it’ll be all twinkle twinkle and pretty.

I love having my own home. I love that I am home alone in it today and that I only have the next two days and Sunday to work, and then two shifts next week before I’m finished work for good. The sun is shining, the cats will be able to go outside and I can open those sliding doors and relax outside on my deck looking at my delicious garden and admiring how wonderful and warm this house is.

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  1. sighhh,,,bliss,sounds great,,enjoy yourself,you are going well almost unpacked already.

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