aww yeah!

We’re home!

There is so much left to do of course, a ton of stuff left to unpack, things to put away and find new homes for..but most of it is done.  Once all the boxes are gone, it’s going to look so lovely. The kids rooms are great, they’re such good sizes, all I’m not liking right now is my ugly dresser which is totally ruining the whole house.  Alright, so not the whole house, but it’s totally out of place in our room.  I’m not liking it much at all.

Ollie just went over to get the cats, they’re all freaking out, everything smells like them, but it’s totally not the house they know at all thank you very much.  Greebo got into the car by himself and didn’t need a cage at all..they’re slinking around every room, peering out the windows and not at all sure what’s going on at all..they’re all very smoochy though and relatively content..just a bit weirded out at the sameness in all the difference.

Photo’s to come!  I have to get rid of boxes and set up the Christmas tree and show you all how lovely it all is!

5 thoughts on “aww yeah!

  1. I bet it feels good,get rid of the damn dresser,,,get another,did the shift go well?

  2. I am eagerly looking forward to those pictures! Remember when we took pictures out our homes and had a chance to look? I adore that! There’s something so good about being able to see someone home and seeing that they are all settled in…makes me relax with you!

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