It’s Like, So High School.

Today was the day we had to go and meet a senior member of staff at the high school Siobhan and Aleeya want to go to. I’ve been a little dubious of this. We already know that I trained as a high school teacher and then, just like me, decided I didn’t want to be one. I actually know some really lovely teachers, but ever since I went to high school, I’ve had an issue with them. I was not the child my children are – far from it! And I did not particularly like school.  I vaguely recall having a meeting actually, with my mum, and I guess that must have been what this meeting was.

Ollie wasn’t going to come, since it was at 5pm, but then he decided he would, which was really awesome, considering at 4pm today the power just died!  I was sitting here, just about to start to reply to a post and BAM! Everything went black. It was scary. Then our alarm, which isn’t an alarm, because it was the previous owners alarm, and we never had it reinstalled or whatever it is you do with alarms started beeping at me. I’m like WTF? How does it have power? So I pushed a button and dear lord, internet…the noise was horrendous! I could NOT shut it up. I have no idea what the code is, or why it was even making noise at all and it was screaming and I totally panicked and called Ollie. On my cellphone, because the power was out…and the phone is a cordless thing which, you guessed it, runs on power.  “OH MY GOD!” I wailed at him. “What do I doooo?”  He tried to calmly explain it to me, and that didn’t work, and then I finally just mashed a whole lot of keys and it shut up.

Anyway, there was still no power for ages. He rung the power company and they said there were no outages in our area, so we figured, it must have been a fuse.  Don’t look at me when it comes to fuses.  I don’t even know what a fuse is. I did dutifully look at the fuse box, with perplexion and annoyance, but that didn’t work. So I lit a fire and mourned the loss of internet, and hoped to hell that my computer didn’t die in the power failage.  And then, just like magic, the power turned back on!  I knew this, because my computer flashed, bless him…and then the fridge made noise and I may have done a dance of rejoice when I tried the power button and my computer burst forth into life again.

That was utterly beside the point. I was going to tell you about this meeting!  How did I get so far off topic? Oh right, Ollie coming home early.  So he got home and I didn’t need his help anyway. I did consider for a moment telling him I replaced the fuse myself, because wouldn’t THAT have shocked him.  Instead, I told him the truth, and we were perplexed together.

Anyway!!! We ended up with the assistant principal, who was about 8 foot tall and had the coolest top on. Seriously, I wanted it so bad. It had thumb holes.  I’m easily satisfied, alright? She was really lovely and spent her time making Siobhan feel comfortable.  Which she did. She was great internet.  Really wonderful.  She talked about herself, and why she wanted to go to that school and not the other, and said amazing things that teachers want to hear like “English is my favourite subject!” To which Miss AP said “you said that because you know I’m an English teacher!”  And we knew we were given to the right woman.  “Why do you want to come to this school?” She asked, to which Siobhan replied “Well, one reason is you have more languages than the other school does, and I really, really REALLY want to learn German.” internet.  You’d have thought this woman just hit the jackpot.

She was totally impressed and excited.  We left with her telling us that she was -definitely- going to give her recommendation that Siobhan be accepted and that we should get an acceptance letter in August. She did say that it wasn’t up to her, but that we should feel very positive about her acceptance.  I was so thrilled I may have almost cried. I know how important it is for Siobhan to go to this school.  I mentioned things like her extension classes and her reading ability and that she is the child that the teachers sit with the Korean and difficult students because they know she’ll help them. I also mentioned that she tended to be shy and often slipped under the radar.  She assured me that they nurture students like Siobhan rather than letting them be the positive people in other people’s lives and that she would be encouraged to shine as herself. I liked her a lot actually. I felt very good about the entire interview, and I so hope that she will be accepted, because I have a feeling this school is going to be the place that sees both my kids turn into amazing adults.

3 thoughts on “It’s Like, So High School.

  1. Wow!! well there aint no going back now! sounds like shes in with no worries! and she wants to learn to sprecken sie Deutch? das schaff ist gruen und die luft ist freshen, noin en noinzen luft balloons, das ist goot ya?
    ich Leibe Dich….


  2. haha! What does that mean? I got something about 99 air balloons. 😉 Yes she does, she’s learned Korean from the Korean kids, a little Japanese and German which they did in school, she really enjoyed German. I told her they do exchange programs and she was totally thrilled by the idea. The other school doesn’t offer nearly as many subjects, so she’s really excited – plus all her friends are going there.

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