Do I think my kids are heroes? Absolutely. I most definitely do. Shall I tell you why internet? Oh, you’re curious? Okay I will.  I shall start in birth order, because it’s always fair to do that, don’t you think? Also, I might be a little in love with my new theme.  It’s so perfectly me. Except the Gods are classical and not Indian, but I forgive them, because my interest in Classics is almost just as deep as my interest in India.

So let me tell you about Siobhan. She’s going to be 13 this year. You guys have been right there with me, on all her milestones. Well, on a lot of them.  Particularly during the last few years.  Siobhan is an amazing child. She’s one of those people who is tall and willowy and delicious, she has blondey hair and dark eyes. She has olivey complexion and those tiny little adorable freckles that just dust across her nose. She is, without a doubt, incredibly beautiful, and I truly don’t think she gets it – much like her father. She’s quiet and studious and really loves people and animals. She’s incredibly kind. I don’t know where she gets it from! But she is one of the most generous and giving people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.  I am so mad in love with her. She does anything I ask her to, and generally without a fuss. There are times when there is stomping and whining, but the majority of the time, she does it without questioning me. Siobhan takes care of me.  If I need anything, she’s right there to give it to me. Her goal in life, is to make sure that everyone around her – with the exception of Ollie and Aleeya – is happy.

She picks up languages without a second thought. She is the child that the teachers always put next to difficult kids, or the Korean students, because they know that she will look after them.  It worries me sometimes, that they put this upon her, because the most important thing for me, is that SHE gets a good education. Other people’s children are not my, or her responsiblity. But Siobhan does it without complaining. She makes friends with them, and she does her work beautifully.  She never says a bad word about anyone – except Ollie and Aleeya – and will sit for hours playing with my hair, braiding it and unbraiding it and just pulling her fingers through it or brushing it.  She rubs your feet if you ask her. In fact, you don’t always have to ask, she does it anyway.  She cooks dinner almost once a week and bakes when ever she can.

She’s my hero alright.  She’s just an amazing individual, and she’s mine.

And then, there’s Aleeya. Who is Siobhan’s antithesis, but in the most wonderful way.  Where Siobhan is quiet and understated, Aleeya is vibrant and in your face.  She has a sense of humour that blows my mind. She’s very dry and sarcastic and sometimes it’s a little overwhelming, but she does it with this amazing maturity that is far beyond her 10 years.  Aleeya is  creative and extremely intelligent. She gets bored very easily, and can spell better than anyone I know – including the majority of adults.  Her teachers struggle to keep her busy because she excels at almost everything. She’s very sure about who she is, and what her style is.  I remember when she was two years old, she’d get up and dress herself, beautifully.  Her clothing always matched, she knew what she liked and she wore it.  Siobhan on the other hand, is only now just starting to co-ordinate her clothing without looking like a homeless girl. Aleeya has a very strong sense of self. She doesn’t care what other people think, but she is popular and setting trends already. She refuses to be outdone by Siobhan and is my resident tea maker. She’ll play with the hair and do the feet too, briefly, but the tea making duty is hers. She will race Siobhan to be the first there.

She wants to be an emo/goth. And I cannot deny her this desire.  If I had loads of money, I’d completely revamp her entire wardrobe.  The only thing I am denying her right now, is the pink and black hair.  She loves music and creating stuff and learning. She’s one of those people who just lights up the room with her smile and her laugh.  She also has the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen.  They’re greenblue, crystal clear and heavily framed with long dark lashes. She is milk and honey, freckles and perfect lips. She’s my hero for several reasons.  She is passionate and emotional, she loves fiercely and she is not afraid to be who she wants to be. Aleeya, will be a force to be reckoned with when she’s an adult.  She will excel at anything because she has the drive and the determination to do it.

My girls are amazing creatures. When things got tough for me recently, I thought about keeping it from them, and realised that if I did that, I wasn’t trusting them to be able to rationalise it.  So I told them. We went for a drive together, and I explained things, and they sat there and asked me questions and listened and once they felt like they fully understood what I was telling them, Siobhan changed the subject back to high school and we continued on as if everything was the same as ever.  They are so completely non-judgemental – although I have had to talk very seriously to Aleeya about certain things in the past.  They are, both of them, extremely accepting girls.  I am truly blessed, and truly amazed that I gave birth to them.  That Ollie and I managed to create children who are as well rounded, well adjusted, intelligent and caring as they are.  Things have not always been easy for them, nor perfect. I do not claim to be a perfect parent at all.  But through everything, they have shone.  And they will always be my heroes, no matter where they end up in life.

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  1. I love these girls, even though I haven’t met them.

    They are wonderful just like you, and I cherish that you share them with us.


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