Dance Into The Light

I know, I know, I keep missing days. I suck, it’s true, but it’s very hard to think up 30 heroes. I’m making it a little easier on myself. And I’m still blogging, right? So this is a good thing.

I do have a lot of heroes, it’s just, I’m never entirely sure what to say about them.  Today I’m going to tell you about one of my dance heroes.  I’m not sure she’ll want me to tell you her name, although she has commented and used it. So maybe it’s okay, just incase it isn’t, I shall be stealthy and not!

Anywayyy, I met this woman 8 years ago, god, could it really be that long? I can’t believe how fast the years go by. It was my first dance teacher’s class and she was teaching an 8 week section on Milaya Leff – which is still one of my most favourite dance styles. I so love Miyala Leff, I love everything about it. It’s beautiful and cheeky and very delicious. So, there was me, and two other very new dancers, and then two tall and strikingly gorgeous dance teachers from another school.  I was about 4 months into my dancing, and absolutely intimidated as soon as they showed up. My original dance teacher is all about improvisation – which to this day, I still loathe. And we had to do so much improvisation that it just wasn’t funny. The worst thing was, these two could actually -dance- and the three of us, were totally floundering and out of our depth. I’m a very shy person – I know that’s hard to believe, but I really am – with certain things and people anyway, and having to try to dance when we had only learned the very first basic steps, was absolutely horrifying! I know I should love and embrace improv, because belly dance is supposed to be about improvising to music, but I do so love a good choreography, I just do. I like structure, it gives me hope.

So there we were, terrified newbies and wonderful teachers, and they were so very encouraging and lovely.  They really were.  I find it so hard not to talk about people without using their names, sorry Brigid.  Hee!  I’ve taken classes with Brigid for several years, on and off, because her class is Wednesday night, and when winter hits, I struggle to get out of bed, let alone out of the house.  Brigid is one of those people that lights up a room. I don’t even know if she realises she does it.  She’s really quite delicious. I’ve been getting to know her on a personal level via this internet thing for several years and I’m really touched that she lets me read her. We have had a few social occasions together, and I’ve really loved every one of them.

Why is she my hero? She’s an astounding dancer, she’s very beautiful to watch, and her smile is so engaging that you just can’t help but want to smile back. She’s an amazing teacher, extremely understanding, she pushes, but she doesn’t do it in a way that makes you feel overwhelmed. Her knowledge is out of this world, and she just gives off this amazing presence. Sometimes I’m a little intimidated still, but it’s only because I admire her.  I really do. You’re very awesome, and I promise, the intimidation is barely there anymore.

Brigid spent weeks giving me private lessons so that I could catch up with the rest of the class in a choreography they’d all learned and performed, but which I was brand new at. She was patient and encouraging, and I found it very easy to pick it up.   She is always willing to impart her knowledge, in anything.  Conversation with her is so delicious.  I admire her greatly. I’m very glad to be able to call her a friend, and I really hope that no matter where she ends up, I’ll still be able to call her one.  She has definitely enriched my life by being in it. She’s one of those people who dresses gorgeously, holds herself well and oozes confidence. She’s strong and independent, and I’m sure that sometimes she certainly doesn’t feel that way, but she definitely enters my hero list.

If I could be her when I grow up, I would.

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