Let It Slide…

I’m full of meloncholy right now. It’s more than that I think, miserable would be the word. It’s awful, I hate it, and so instead of boring you with words, I will spam you with pictures.  These are some of the most important things in my world. And also, some of the things that never cease to make me happy.

If you’ve had to put up with me in any way shape or form these past few days. I apologise. I’ll be back to normal soon.


6 thoughts on “Let It Slide…

  1. HoneyD

    you’re so lucky to have so many pictures to reflect your journey. I’ve never been a camera kinda gal and I regret it now. These were wonderful. I could look at them for days.


  2. Dee

    you never age do you kelly!

    precious memories by pictures ty for sharing them <3

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