Happy birthday Runt!

The horror! Imagine starting a post with an inside joke! Those who know me, know I’m totally mad on Cillian Murphy. Who is this Cillian Murphy the rest of you might ask? Well, he’s an Irish actor, and he’s just gorgeous. Gorgeous I tell you! The joke is, that in one of his movies (my favourite) he plays a character called Pig, and has a girlfriend called Runt. Ollie has been saying “Happy birthday Runt” at me all day.

Anyway, yes. Today is my birthday. It’s the first one that I haven’t spent weeks reminding people about. For some reason, maybe it’s the new house, and the braces..I just haven’t really felt the need to announce the fact that this year, I am getting another year older. I know! It amazes me too! Seriously, all this growing up stuff is just not!on. But here I am, doing it anyway, despite my best efforts to stay eternally 19.

You know what though? Happy birthday Runt, could not be more fitting. I mean, honestly. Look at this photo. Will you just look at it???

I’m the one on the right. I know..you can tell the difference right? I’m not thin anymore. That, dear internet, is my 11 year old child. She is, you will notice..not wearing shoes. OMG. It’s just not right at all. I keep telling her that if she doesn’t stop growing, I’m going to have to stop feeding her, but, she does it to spite me. I just know it. And then, the little beast, she’ll hold my hand like a sweet little angel and I’m all “oh alright damnyou! You can have dinner, just this one last time”. Children. They shouldn’t be allowed!

I turned 31 today. I’m really proud of myself. 31! That’s such a great age isn’t it? It’s like..perfectly aged wine. Could there be an age better than 31? I don’t know, but I have a feeling 32 will be quite delightful too actually. I’m enjoying my 30’s. My 20’s were spent with young children, and..while that had it’s moments..I’m so much more accepting of myself and everything around me now that I’m a little older and more patient.

I expected this birthday to be fairly dull to be honest. I mean, we bought a house! I got braces!!!! What could top that? Well..let me tell you about my day. Ollie had taken the girls to Elsie’s last night, so I woke up this morning to an empty house. He’s training you see..with Japanese Builder Friend, because Japanese Builder Friend is going for second dan black belt. So, I spent the morning in bed reading Harry Potter – because yes, I really AM that far behind. I got up, I made some graphics..and they all came home.

Ollie had been telling me for weeks now that I wasn’t getting a birthday present due to the house and the braces, and I’m all “yeah yeah, it’s all good!” Well, he came home with a present. He bought me CD’s, which I know probably doesn’t sound that exciting, but, they’re New Zealand artists and seriously, SO GOOD! The girls made me beautiful cards and we went to the beach.

My birthday day, was the most beautiful day ever. It was warm and sunny and delicious..and do you know what made it even better? Have I mentioned that these braces are impossible? I can’t eat..I mean, it’s getting easier now, but..I bit chocolate last week, and my tooth has been complaining about it ever since. It’s so hard to eat, that I give up mid way through dinner. I’m barely eating anything, which has made me begin to loose weight. Look at me internet..do you see that beautiful strip of belly? Seriously….even though I get totally frustrated with the braces and the lack of eating..I am so hot in the braces. Hot I tell you, hot.

Of course..if you’re married to something as gorgeously talented as this, you better hope you’re hot in the damn braces. Right?

And then there is my Aleeya. I love this photo. Do you know that really brilliant photo with the American soldiers hoisting the flag? This has to be the modern day New Zealand version it. Seriously. Okay, so they don’t have a flag that they’re hoisting, but, those beer cans look seriously heavy. I so love the contrast of my beautiful 8 year old daughter against them. Completely oblivious to the fact that there are four rather scary looking drunk men standing over her. She is fearless and remarkable, and so completely non-judgemental (most of the times) that I cannot help but be proud of her. I am truly, truly blessed. My sweet little Harry Potter fanatic made me butterbeer for my birthday.  Do you know how blessed I am? Do you??

After we had spent the day enjoying the wonderful sun which is quite rare here in Christchurch, we went to Elsie’s house for a while. Elsie always spoils people on their birthday, and today was no exception. She made me cupcakes and gave me beautiful hand lotion and a new book!

I know right? Tell me I haven’t lost a bit of weight?

Now I’m sitting here, with my holy grail full of red wine..okay, so, it’s almost empty now..I mean, you can’t expect me not to be almost done with it, after I’ve written all this can you? And getting ready to go to bed. Mum bought me the holy grail so I don’t have to feel quite as awfully lush-like when I’m indulging in red wine. We went to a furniture store and oogled furniture for our new house and we were looking at one of those brilliant four poster beds and Siobhan said “you need that bed Mummy. You could drink your wine from your birthday cup in it!” And I thought to myself. This girl, truly IS my daughter. So I replied to her. “yes poppet, you’re right. And I could have you feed me peeled grapes too!” And she, just for a moment, truly contemplated doing just that.

I am a lucky, lucky woman.
Goodnight, internet. May you be as blessed as I am.

8 thoughts on “Happy birthday Runt!

  1. good lord woman you are so sexy looking. There is nothing hanging over the edge of your jeans in the picture!!

  2. Damn sexy 31 yr old!!Its funny how once your in your 0s you grow into loving your body and accepting what you love about your flaws. Your gorgeous Kelly and I adore you.
    I hope your birthday was as fabulous as you are!!

  3. have you lost some weight? you looke like you’ve lost some weight….do you think it’s the braces? **cheeky grin**

  4. mwahhhh…you look GORGEOUS…but…didn’t you always?*grinz & hugs ya*
    PS..glad your b’day was awesome!*envies the beach as well as your flowers*

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