True Love Way

It was the most beautiful day today! So we took advantage of it and wandered. Tomorrow is Ollie’s birthday. He’ll be 32, although I’ve been trying to tell him for the past few months, that he’s 33.  He’s figured it out now. It worked last year, this year the kids keep going “no you’re not dad! You’re oly 32!”  So unfair. The look of confusion on his face while he tries to recall how old he is just just hilarious!  Anyway, we went for a walk through the most gorgeous park today.  This swing bridge?  You could sway it beautifully!  I think we might have scared a few people. But they just would not hurry up and get off!

Also, I was having the best hair day ever! I really was! I know, totally vain, but those curls in person? They were to die for!  Also, look how long it is!  That’s curly, you should see it straight! I’m so proud of it!  I’m going to have to make sure my hairdresser doesn’t cut it at all this time around. I’m pretty sure it can go another eight weeks before I get it trimmed again.

Okay, so I’m going to be vain again and say, check out those teeth!  Are you seeing how straight they are?  Oh my god! It’s so weird and great. Sometimes I’m terrified of them, I’ve never seen so many of my teeth on display in a smile before, but then I’m like – you know what?  I kind of love them!

This place, was so gorgeous. There were beautiful little rivers and ponds everywhere.  Look at that stunning child. So willowy and beautiful.

Siobhan and I were comparing skin colour. I know right? That’s me with a tan.  Shutup.

Cute right?

Seriously, if I were any shorter, I’d be a midget. It’s not very fair. Tanned, blonde AND tall?  I’m going to stop feeding her VERY soon.

He’s leaning so I’ll look taller. I’m not sure it worked, but I love him for trying.

Oh my god! I’m pretty sure this was the fastest slide IN THE WORLD!  You don’t get to see the face of terror I pulled coming half way down.  Ollie said “it’s sheer pleasure!” Yes. Sheer pleasure that looks like I’ve just come face to face with a serial killer in a wind tunnel!

Do you remember how much fun seesaws are?  I could have played on it all day!  But dude, it’s really tiring, and then you get off it and it feels like you’ve been on a boat for a few hours. So weird. I think I need to seesaw a whole lot more often.

Brilliance! Look how high he is off the seat!  Hee!

See?  Ringlets!  I should never blowdry my hair.  Okay, okay, I’m stopping with the hair!

4 thoughts on “True Love Way

  1. I look the picture of Aleeya by the lake, that is one gorgeous picture…and yes, yes I’m jealous of your ringlets.

  2. Kelly you’ve lost weight! Don’t be modest I cant telll!

    Best hair day ever!

    Teeth win!

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