I’ve Been Looking Around…

On Sunday, Ollie and I went to the Kings of Leon concert here in town. First of all, it’s exciting that ANYONE came to Christchurch in the first place – international acts go to Auckland, and maybe Wellington, if they’re feeling generous. So for a major band to come here? We were blissing.  We bought the tickets last year, when I was still working in his office. The wait seemed to go on forever!

Anyway, Sunday finally arrived, and I was so excited, let me tell you! This was the first concert where we decided not to brave general admission and instead got seats. I wasn’t sure about this at all, but you know, we’re getting old, and looking back on it, I’m not sure I would have survived the pit at all.  It was INSANE down there.  So we got there early and we took our seats and we were really pleased.  We had the perfect view of the stage, right smack in the centre.  As the stadium slowly filled up – and honestly, it really was slow! I’ve never seen anything like it.  People were arriving while Kings of Leon were already starting!  It was insane! Who does that?  We were there an hour early ready to go! I even bought a teeshirt.  Which almost made Ollie have a minor stroke. It’s so cute!

When they came on, people around us, were STILL SITTING DOWN!  What’s with that people of Christchurch? Are you too cool to actually enjoy yourselves and get up and dance in a ROCK CONCERT?  This was no Opera. This was amazing lights and music that made my heart flutter with pleasure. God, internet.  If you’re a fan of the Kings of Leon?  Go see them live. Those boys are worth every penny. They were amazing.  They sounded amazing, they looked amazing, they were just awesome!  We got most of our row up and dancing when we stood up after being thoroughly disgusted when no one around us did.  I had a short person in front of me, for the first time in my life, my view was completely unobstructed! It was heaven!

I read a few comments on their site from people who went to the concert and were asked by people around them to sit back down again. Can you believe that?  Ohmygod Christchurch!  You’re not -that- cool okay?  The people in this city amaze me with their snootiness.  It’s certainly my home, but good god, chill ouuuuut Cantabrians! Who could not get up and dance all night long to that music?  I certainly couldn’t.  I danced from start to finish and waved my arms around like I just didn’t care and I tell you what, even not being in the pit and covered in beer and water and other people’s sweat? I still came out of that stadium covered in a sweat.  So awesome. So very, very awesome.  I have totally missed going to live rock concerts. There is nothing like it in the world.  Next time, I’ll be back in the pit.

Oh, yes there are some photos, they’re not very good though. I think they’re on Ollie’s computer, because I can’t find them. You’re not missing much other than bright colours. But here!  Check out what we got to watch.

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