I blogged yesterday, I know it’s hard to believe isn’t it? But I actually did.  Then, my mother’s computer decided to disconnect just as I was uploading it.  I know right? How completely ironic.  It’s true though, I swear.

It’s raining here today and I miss my family.  The ones who are in Christchurch, on camps, at work, at school. I really do. I miss my house and my own food and ohmygod I miss my computerrrrr.  Yes, I am that tragic. It’s true. I don’t even care. I don’t!

However, my new nephew – did you know I had one?  He’ll be 4 weeks old on Monday, god, it’s only Thursday, for some reason, I thought it was Friday already.  Anyway, he is totally precious.  He’s completely squishy and cuddly and curls into you utterly content and quiet.  And he still has those dark navy blue baby eyes.  He’s just starting to focus on things and gives you very serious looks while he takes you in.

We’ve got an understanding, he and I.  He’s totally coming home with me. It’s true! I’m stealing him.  They can have him back again when he’s 3 and ready for toilet training.  Maybe sooner.  If only babies stayed babies for longer.  He is sweet. He really is.  You should totally see him.

I’m considering writing short story type things here, because it seems like a good idea. Particularly when I don’t have much to write about my actual life.  Anyway, I’m missing you all, come back and read me!  I’m all alone! *weeps*

2 thoughts on “bah!

  1. I’m finally home and you go away! *cries* All of you, but mostly you, are in my thoughts. I miss you. ~ love

  2. I’m here, i’m always here!!! I actually lurk here nearly daily.
    I LOVE reading what you have to say…and I’m so bad at writing on my own blog!!

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