Do you remember me?  I know, I’m the girl who used to blog all the time and be really entertaining about it, and then who seemingly dropped off the edge of the world, into the black abyss that is now represented, by my blog!  Do you like it?  I like it.  This is me, protesting our ridiculous government.

It’s hard to write entertaining posts when nothing at all happens. You know? So, I decided, it’s time something did happen. And I went back to my dance class today. OHMYGOD! Internet.  Firstly, let me tell you this – it was great.  I think I might just ache a little bit tomorrow, yes I might.  And it was so nice to see people again. REAL people! Wonderful glorious dancing people.  I love that class, I do. Alas, I’m totally out of my depth.

It all started so brilliantly.  It did, we warmed up and we did stuff and I’m like “helloooo belly dancing! I remember you!” and then, THEN!  Just as I’m preening in my gloriousness of having not forgotten moves after all, we are whipping out zills.  ZILLS internet!  Do you know what zills are?  They are finger cymbals, and they’re GORGEOUS, and they sound awesome, and we must use them, with like 4545409864 different patterns while.we.dance.  Are you weeping for me yet?  It’s my first class back in..what..about..hmm…10 months? And we’re putting on zills!  My elastics had stretched, because I have not even looked at my zills since I had to wear them 3465450 years ago.  I have a love/hate affair with zills.  I love them, as long as I don’t have to wear them.

I am always surprised by the fact that when I try, I can actually do it.  But the fact that I was doing combinations that I haven’t done in a year was work enough! It was terrifying! My zills didn’t fit, which was a secret blessing, because no one could hear the fact that my fingers were going “Excuse me? Kelly?  What are you doing?  This is not typing.  Stopit! now!”  because they were.  They were all over the place. They were not going “1,2,3 – 1,2,3 – 1,2,3,4,5, 1-1-1,2,3, 1-1-1,1,2,3 1,2,3,4,5” or thereabouts and so on…but more like “1233545435349111-1-1-1-33-44-5!!!!!!!”

Still. I did it, and it was fun. Except for the zills.  Which are the work of the devil.  They are. Satan himself must have decided to torture belly dancers with zills just because he could.  But I will master them. Or at least, appear to have mastered them. Because I just will. Yes.  Yes I will.  And right now, dear internet, I am off to re-sew my elastics so that they will actually stay on my fingers and not slide all around the place gleefully mocking me for my inability to not be able to move my hips while making charming and musical notes WITH MY FINGERS, which would much rather be typing.  *weeps*

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