Australia Part Two

Day two was filled with loads of walking and a little bit of shopping. We caught the free tram which stopped basically outside the door to our apartments and got off at Rundle? Rundel..the mall anyway.  It was extremely busy, as should be expected a mere 7 days before Christmas and much bigger than we were expecting. In fact, we didn’t make it the whole way down, but we did find some of the cutest shops ever.  Including a chocolate store called Haighs which truly was something to remember.  The chocolate at Haighs is better than anything I’ve ever tasted in my life. And as one of the biggest chocolate connoisseur’s in the world, that’s saying something.

They had some awesome stores, and malls within the mall which was incredibly disorientating but really fun to explore all the same.  It was, nicely hot, but not too hot, and we spent the morning exploring as much of the mall as we possibly could before the heat tired our feet and we had to stop for a break.

That’s us right there, posing in a line (uh huh with an audience) while Ollie captures us in the great balls of Rundle mall. Immortalising our reflections for all eternity.  He also found himself, embellished in bronze and turned into a swine.  Perfectly apt if you ask my opinion.  Yes, that’s right, the pig he’s standing with?  It’s name is Oliver.  Who could resist having their photo taken with it, while it’s searching for truffles and tragically, for a bronzed eternity, never being satisfied (yes that’s a rubbish bin, cute right?)  Still, if you can tell me which one is my husband, I’ll give you a dollar.  The resemblance is remarkable right?

Siobhan made friends with what I think is possibly the world’s biggest teddy bear ever, in another mall within the mall that was so beautifully decorated and full of interesting, but rather expensive everythings.

This, and I have dutifully forgotten the name of it, is one of the malls within a mall.  It just went on forever, both upstairs and down, and we didn’t get to see all of it I don’t think.  But riding the glass elevators is always fun for the kids, and waving from the very bottom floor is almost just as entertaining.

Afterwards, we virtually had to run to meet Nick, and Sharlene – a brother sister team of cousins at the food market where we had an extremely good lunch with them.  These two are so fun, I really enjoyed their company. Although, in traditional Ting style, they were later than we were, so the running was just a big waste of precious energy, of which, us poor unaccustomed to warm weather Cantabrians, had very little.  They both were on their lunch breaks, and kindly showed us to the Central Markets, where we spent another hour or so perusing the amazing variety of fruits, vegetables, cheeses, nuts..ohmygod just everything edible you can imagine, and where I could not go past any more stalls having found the cheapest – of course – without buying way too many bunches of grapes and cherries.

That guy? How pleased does he look that I’m buying his cherries? And then we went back to the chocolate shop, because you cannot be virtuous with fruit without indulging in chocolate too.  I tell you, the food was glorious, and the hour or so rest we had when we got home was full of decadant eating and deciding that, Adelaide was very much a city that I could most certainly see myself living in. Of course, any time we go anywhere that isn’t Christchurch – I love you Christchurch, I do, but please, your weather? So not cutie cutie – I say exactly the same thing.

The last thing we did, was took the tram to the end of it’s free line, where we sat trying to decide where and what we’d see if we just rode right to the end of the free section, and were overheard by this really helpful lady.  You know what? So many people say that Australians aren’t polite, and I totally beg to differ.  They were SO nice, and so willing to help and converse with complete strangers.  It was really, really lovely. Of course, we looked like overwhelmed tourists, which probably helped – or rather, made them feel sorry for us. One or the other.  We had intended to find our way to the river, much like Christchurch – did I mention that the same guy designed both Adelaide and Christchurch? I know! So interesting. I’d tell you his name, but Ryan is too busy killing aliens with Oliver, and I’d hate to disturb his concentration.  Anyway, we didn’t find the bridge, but we did find the coolest Aborignal Art Gallery.  It was so cool, and so beautifully decorated and like all art, so incredibly expensive, but we were impressed with our find.

That’s my serious photo face and my bag full of really cheap clothing finds! OMG! The things I got for like, less than $50 total? Bargains! Two tops and the coolest dress which rocks when worn over jeans. You’d think that would bring a smile to my face, but sometimes art deems it necessary for a moment of seriousness. You’ll see my dress later on in my tales. Yeah, I know, you’re dying to see it too, right? It’s coming!

Later that evening, we showered, and yes, had our photos taken.

That totally, is Aleeya getting her freak on, out on our balcony.  Yeah, she’s got it going on right?  Shh though, she will tell me off if she knows I’ve posted it. But honestly, you cannot have a post without an obligatory shot of Aleeya being Aleeya.  How awesome is she?  I know.

And then, you must also have proof you see, that Siobhan is as high maintanance as her mother;

I know, my face?  Priceless.  It’s because the mirror gave her another two inches. No, it’s true. *crickets chirp* Also, that’s one of the tops I bought.  It was like $15! I KNOW! Then, we were picked up by another cousin and his girlfriend and taken out to a Japanese restaurant for dinner.  This place, was to die for.  The food was utterly delicious. I’m sure they ordered every single thing on the menu. “What would you like?” Ken asks, and we stare blankly and go “um.  Aleeya likes sushi rolls, and we all eat anything.”  So, anything apparently means, everything and I had my first very pleasant experience with an assortment of raw fish.  I mean, raw salmon is quite delicious, but I’ve never been able to stomach the thought of raw other fish. But, I wasn’t going to sit around and not try things, so I did, and I have to admit, it was glorious. Unlike the rest of his family, Ollie refrains from taking photos of the food, which is unfortunate, because this meal was definitely photo worthy.

Later, they took us to an icecreamery called “Cold Rock”.  Ohmygod internet!  Firstly, the kid serving was so adorable, I wanted to take him home and raise him as my own.  I was so indecisive and he was so sweet.  What they do, is this – you choose from one of the biggest ranges of icecreams I’ve ever seen in my life, and then an even vaster range of sweet things that go in it, and they smash your icecream with anything you like until it’s all icecreamy biscuity M&My goodness and internet…it is so good that I almost wept with pleasure.  I don’t know where the photos are, I’m sure we had some, but wherever they are, I just couldn’t find them.

We got in at a rather respectable 12am I believe, and fell into bed full of sushi and icecream and wishing that we could keep Ken and E forever.

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  1. dude, ask sidney, i snorted with laughter at the olivers! and at “but sometimes art deems it necessary for a moment of seriousness”


  2. geeez take me home with you and raise me as your own – I want to travel with you all – your family has so many adventures!

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