I really haven’t forgotten!

It’s just that we have family staying, so finding the time to recall and write about our vacation is a bit difficult just at the moment.

I am currently cooking a roast which smells gorgeous, while waiting for them to get home again from the Antarctic Centre. And yes, okay, perhaps the phone call I got from a friend might be the only reason I’m no longer sitting in front of the tv playing Fable 2.

OMG! Who knew I’d like xbox games! Certainly not me.

Oh yeah, and also? HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!

5 thoughts on “I really haven’t forgotten!

  1. we got an xbox for Daniels xmas and tomorrows birthday.. he begged for it, but because of the price and his bd so close to xmas well…. Fable 2 you say hmmmm…. gawd he is 17 tomorrow!!

  2. It’s the coolest game console ever! I have to fight for any time on it. And Fable 2 is so fun!

    OMG! 17. I can’t believe that. You must put pictures up on facebook! <3

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