Guy Fawkes!

I remember it being so much bigger and better and larger than life than it is now.  Even sparklers don’t go on forever like they used to.  What’s with that?  Does everything just seem bigger in real life when you’re little? We did get spoiled though. The displays we saw were done by a guy who was a huge fanatic, and did he make his own?  I don’t know. I do know, at the end, he would always let off a flare.  HOMGZ! So bad.  You know?  Can you just imagine all the police boats chasing that light and one?  Terrible.

It makes me want to say something else, something tragic and awful, but I won’t.  I’ve been tragic and awful enough today and god was it fantastic.  Truly. It was remarkable – by the way, Rabbit? If you haven’t already noticed, only half the script posted, that’s how fantastic we were! We broke the word limit!  And I almost cried a little when I couldn’t finish reading it all again before bed.  Are we awesome?  We are awesome.  Let’s pat ourselves on the back just a little longer.  I am super proud of the people I have in that room right now. Super proud. They are…amazing.  Truly.

Anyway, that’s my little off the topic warbling for this evening. I haven’t written anything tonight for that story.  I am struggling right now, with it’s maudlinness.  I am not sure that anyone would want to read it to be honest.  It is…too much. I think I need to work a little more on the idea and come back at it with a slightly different approach. It is one thing to be tragic and maudlin, but to write something terribly shocking? I’m not sure.  Although, I keep seeing Keri Hulme in my head. And I -love- her.  I do.  I would love to be her.  She is the most amazingly maudlin writer ever.  If you ever get a chance to read The Bone People, (complete plot spoilers btw – don’t read it if you hate spoilers!) I truly suggest you do.  It is…harrowing.

God, I’ve completely gone right off the topic! How does that happen?  I was going to tell you about our Guy Fawkes night!  The kids ran around with sparklers yelling Harry Potter curses at each other and you know, come to think of it, I am pretty sure that Aleeya cast the evil death curse on.her.own.sister!  But you know, considering Siobhan did mutter “f***king b**ch” at her the other day, I think she warranted the curse of death brought down upon her.  Honestly, 12 is the new 14 I think.  It is shocking!  You should see her throw herself around and weep and flail when she loses her playstation game.  She says to me “can I play on the playstation?” And I say “are you going to flail and kick and weep like a two year old?”  And she gives me this half smile look and I relent.  It is so cute.  How can I resist her?  She will drag my arm up and drape it around herself and give me ‘the eye’.  “I love you mummy” she says, looking slightly down at me, because, she -is- taller than me you know.  And here I go again internet…what has this to do with Guy Fawkes you ask?

Nothing!  Okay?  It has nothing at all to do with it!

It was totally freezing here today.  Some insane cold snap swept up the South Island and tortured us with it’s freezingness.  It finally stopped raining and howling with the wind and they trapsed out there and threw curses at each other like Harry Potter wizards and I watched from the warmth.  “Come out you wuss!”  I am barraged with, by Ollie mostly, but the girls are thinking it. I can see it in their death cursing eyes.  So I get a blanket, because, I am a cold blooded creature, and I must have heat..and I brace myself, and weep as soon as my foot touches the deck.  It takes me four goes before I make it out.  Then, I realise, we have sleeping bags!  And so, Siobhan fetches it, because she is an angel..and I sink into it and quiver.  Every firework he lights, shoots over the roof and we see…the shoot..and not the firework.  Brilliance I tell you.  Brilliance.  We are smoked out of our pleasure and we see..well, a few sparks and a shitload of smoke!

No, it wasn’t too bad. Actually, some of them were very cool.  There are these ridiculous little spinny things, you light them, toss them, and they whizz and change colours and the girls can do them themselves, which is WAY more fun, don’t you think?  So we brave the cold and we’re subjected to endless photos.  Oh, honestly, the photos get better every year!  He tells me.  And…I don’t know, do they?  You tell me.

4 thoughts on “Guy Fawkes!

  1. AHHHH sparklers….. if only we had known when we were kids the power of the sparkler…….have you noticed how your lucky to find a coloured sparkler pac these days? thats because the gold ones wont work like the coloured ones do 🙂 so theyve taken them off sale.. we still have a few coloured packs left from a couple of years ago when we bought one hundred packs 🙂 were having guy faukes on Sat,, huge bonfire, Guy competition (parlimentarians) look out Sue Bradford,, smack this! muahahahahaha how did you get that flame to shoot from your eyes instead of your butt?

  2. michelle, i can tell by the shadows that she must have photoshopped the butt flame and moved it to her eyes *rolls around in giggles*

    also, who is guy fawkes? is he, like, famous?

  3. Haa!! Actually, Ollie did it, with The Gimp! Because microsoft sucks you know. I had nothing at all to do with the re-placement of the butt flamage.

    And omg! Guy Fawkes is like the most famous man ever! Did you see that movie? V for Vendetta? That was loosely based on his life. He tried to blow up the Parliment building in England I believe. They were a group of peoples actually, look: wiki explains all.

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