Why You Little….!!!

I never did get around to talking about my children after the parent teacher interviews, did I? HOPELESS! That’s what I am. Anyway, I’ll talk about them now.

My kids are clever. I know, I know, every mother says this about her children right?  I’m sure mothers with really stupid children say this about their children too, even stupid children are clever at something, after all.  But my children really are.  It’s so intensely exciting and frightening to hear their teachers croon about their wonderfulness, I’m never actually surprised to be honest, they say the same thing every year, but still, you can never hear it enough.  Aleeya has the tendency to get into trouble when she isn’t being pushed, I know when she has enough to think about at school, because she is well behaved at home, she needs pushing, she needs to be stimulated and kept thinking.  If she’s not, she gets naughty. She’ll do sneaky things and just really freaking annoy crap out of me.

Anyway, her teacher is a new teacher, it’s her first year and this always worries me, because I trained as a teacher, and I know HOW AWFUL WE ARE in our first year.  She just doesn’t quite ‘get’ Aleeya.  And I know this, because Aleeya is awful this year, whereas last year, when she had her first male teacher, a rather young and delightful man whom she loved to death, she was an angel. Anyway, the teacher is getting better, and Aleeya is doing better.  Her report was glowing, she’s in the top 5% of kids in NZ when it comes to her literacy.  She’s 9 years old and her spelling age is 14.  Her reading age is around the same.  She’s reading The Lord of the Rings at the moment, although, to be honest, I’m not sure she’s truly enjoying it.  Her teacher told her it was boring and not to read it.  Can you believe that? OMG.  I was horrified, who says that?  Also, Aleeya is FINALLY being allowed to choose her own spelling words.  You should have seen her rolling her eyes at the list the teacher was giving her. I put my foot down at the parent teacher meeting, and now she’s allowed to choose her own words.  She goes through the dictionary to choose them.  She chose the word nymph.  Her teacher told her that isn’t a very nice word for a young lady to be learning.

I’m..literally, gobsmacked.  Nymph, internet?  Nymph???  So, it’s a Catholic school and we were like “maybe it’s because it’s a magical creature?”  But I have to wonder if the teacher is confusing it with a similiar word which begins with nymph and ends in omania.  And if that’s what’s teaching my children, I am quite frankly, appalled.

So anyway, a few months back she comes home with this consent form for a range of tests.  “Can I do the spelling exam?” She asks me and I think, sure! Why not?  And off she goes to do it.  I think I may have told you about the exam before, she came home that day all flustered and asking me if the word was spelled this way or that way, and I said that way, and she was really disappointed in herself for having gotten it wrong.  She finally got her results today.  She was given a certificate of distinction, given out to the kids who are in the top 2% throughout Australasia. Not just NZ, not just Australia and NZ, but the entire Pacific – Singapore, the Islands..all over.  She’s very blasé about it internet.  “Look mummy, I got this certificate today at assembly and it’s distinction, that means I’m in the top 2%.” She said and ran off with her BFF to play as if these things happen every day of your life.

Siobhan’s parent teacher interview went very much the same way.  She had just got a new teacher that semester, we’d met her original teacher, and now we were meeting the new one.  This teacher was brilliant.  Her son is in the class too, so she is really invested in the kids education..not just her son’s, but all the kids.  We get in there and she sits us down and says “Do you realise that you have a potential genius on your hands?”  And we are finally taken aback.  Of course, everyone thinks their children are genius’ but to have it said to you by their teacher is really something else.  She was blown away with Siobhan’s literacy skills.  She is in the top 1% of kids throughout NZ for her knowledge, understanding and comprehension skills.  She picks up languages like no ones business.  Siobhan is all about words.  She loves to read and talk.  She can speak a little Korean..which she can also write, they’re learning German in school right now, her nana gives her her Gaelic notes and she speaks this too, and she also knows a little Japanese.  If it’s written down and/or spoken, Siobhan has it nailed.  Numbers are their weak point, but they’re both learning and trying really hard.

I’m so proud of those kids. We’ve never really been pushy, we’ve never forced them to do anything, not even their homework, we have always made sure they are independent and responsible for their own actions.

Tomorrow night, we’re taking them to the Opera/ballet.  How upper middle class are we?  Actually, the tickets were free, one of Ollie’s workmates gets them for us whenever he can, because his work supports a lot of the Operatics that come here.  And we don’t often do anything unless it’s free because..I MARRIED AN ACCOUNTANT!!

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  1. Oh Kelly that is so cool! I agree with their teachers, I think they are brilliant! You must be over the moon.

    Make sure you don’t eat cabbage before the opera. *narrow*

  2. He’s some dirty old pervert that lurks around trying to get me to write more!

    I’m pretty sure he’s off trying to light his farts right about now. hah!

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