This is my very first entry.

And I’m writing it specifically for my darling husband whom I adore completely. Look at this! I have my very own writing space on the web. Now there won’t be any need for me to spend hours writing inane posts on a variety of other message boards because I now have my very own, very special one! With my name on it and everything! Of course…I shall have to change the boring layout, because, it’s boring. I’m sorry, but it is.

Much love to you dearest husband of mine. I miss you already. But just think, only 4 more weeks to go. And I can leave you messages here, so that you know how great I’m doing and won’t have to bug me for hours online when I’m trying to do serious work, like, finding you tubes about second life.


5 thoughts on “This is my very first entry.

  1. well thanks dear, for the very enlightening response to my deeply philosophical posting.

  2. yay! Thanks Rachel!! I’m looking forward to it! Of course…now it means I have to think of something worthwhile to know? Having this blog makes me feel all superior and I’ve read some really brilliant blogs, I’m skeered mine will be hopelessly dull and boring in comparison.

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