Music Gets The Best of Me

Internet, you must advise me, because I know you’re out there being clever and knowledgable and you will know more about these things than I do.

I have an mp3 player – obviously, I mean, don’t we all have mp3 players? I would never, ever survive the daily bus ride if I didn’t have my ears plugged into music.  Anyway, my mp3 player is a couple of years old now, and it seems to be very unhappy.  On Friday I loaded a whole bunch of new songs on it and on the way home, all it did was play the same songs over and over again.  Sometimes randomising will do this, but I flicked and flicked and STILL the same songs played.  It was getting really frustrating, I mean..there were hours worth of music on the damn thing, why was I hearing the same thing over and over again?

It turns out, it was only reading 17 songs.  So, I thought I must have deleted them without realising – as you do *eye roll*, but when I got home and checked it, all the songs I had put on were there!  Monday I went to work and I’d loaded another song, just one, to see if that would make a difference.  Oh sure, I heard that song, along with the 17 others my player has decided are “teh bomb!”  I complained bitterly to Ollie at work, and he looked stumped and confused.  That night – actually, it was Tuesday morning because procrastination before work is a must…we tried re-adding all the songs again.

This time, my player decides that it will allow me a further 6 songs, but only six and no more!  And then, THEN, as if that isn’t bad enough, I get to the bus exchange and it STOPS PLAYING!  So I pull it out of my pocket, my fingers all blue with the cold, because you cannot do anything with pretty angora pink gloves on, and it says “voice recording.”  What??  Whose voice does it think it’s recording?  Mine?  I’m not talking!  The funny lady on the escalator in front of me?  As far as I can tell, she’s not talking either, and if she is, I am selectively not hearing.  It refused…refused I tell you, to let me change that function at all, and it!

I pulled the battery out of it in the end and that fixed it.  But now, and I’m sure you’ll feel my pain…I am SICK to death of the mp3 player from hell and decide it is time to get a new one.  I have always wanted an Ipod.  Everyone has an Ipod except me.  Ipods are so slim and magically musical, and they come in different colours! But Ollie is dubious.  He gives me that squinty look from the corner of his eye that tells me I am being childish and petulant and tells me he will fix my player.  To which I reply that he can have my stupid player with it’s voice recording, it’s hiding of my hundred songs and playing of 17-23 of it’s own choosing and that I want an Ipod!

Do I know how much an Ipod is?  He wants to know – actually, I didn’t.  But I will not be dissuaded.  Well…I might be.  What do -you- know about Ipods internet?  Advise me with your marvellous wisdom.  Do you have to have ITunes, and must know, purchase music from there before it will play them, or can I load mp3’s from my PC (no Mac users here) without any real difficulty at all? Are they only compatible with Mac’s and will I be lumped with a cute piece of musical machinery that I’ll never be able to use because purchasing music from a website after spending over half my weekly wage on that little machine will make me froth in the absurdity of all that money wastage?  Will it?  Are there other options? What’s the deal? I really have looked them up, but you know what sites are like with the skirting around what is acceptable behaviour regarding using your own music on your own players..cryptic much?

Oh, yes, I realise there are different kinds of Ipods, I’m looking at the Nano, because it is small and cute and cheaper than any of the others.

Make my husband a believer.  I will die, DIE without music on the bus.  I am not a silent meditative type. I appreciate silence, when I’m sleeping.  But otherwise, music gets the best of me.

10 thoughts on “Music Gets The Best of Me

  1. do not fret my love I WILL FIND OUT!!! Robert is sleeping still (it is 6am our time) but you know, he knows everything there is to know about anything Apple. And he has one of those huge big dinosaur iPods – bought when they first came out. I have the pretty pink Nano and LOVE IT!. I didn’t want one, I’m not a music person you know – just a tv junky. So he bought me one against my protests for Christmas 2 years ago. And I adore it. It is pretty and pink and shiny and I can play albums, or playlists, shuffle and be surprised, it is so delightful. you will love it. There is a site that has refurbished ones, I think that is where we got Corey’s for 8th grade graduation, and it was quite cheaper but worked just as well. She loved her green Nano until she lost it. As children do. So she is without music and suffering. I hear about it everyday. But I am standing firm. I won’t buy her one just because. We need a holiday or birthday or something for her to get another one.

    Have I rambled enough? I will check with Robert and get you the scoop!!

  2. Go here:

    and scroll down the left side to reburbished iPods. The Nanos are way down the page. According to the MAN you must have iTunes but you never HAVE to purchase your music from them. You can import all your songs into iTunes and sync your Nano from it. Go for it!

  3. The only thing I dislike about the whole iPod thing is the iTunes part of it, and how it is a ridiculously huge pain in the ass to convert the songs from iTunes format [AAC] to anything else. You don’t necessarily need anything else these days, as you can plug your iPod into just about anything you want to, but, in case you don’t want to buy the bazillions of accessories to make it work with -everything-, that might be something to consider. I have an iPod and just a normal mp3 player too; I use them both. I don’t really prefer one over the other. They both do their job just fine!

  4. Thanks Honey! <3

    Rabbit, Ollie swears up and down that you can use other programs to put music on your ipod – part of the reason I make these posts is because he is only honest when I make it look like he doesn’t know anything. 😉 He is computer nerd #1.

    I bought one yesterday from the Apple site and hopefully it will arrive sooon. Also, we downloaded iTunes just to see what it’s like.

  5. Mary Dawn always takes my cds I burn for her in iTunes and puts the music on her mp3. She says it is easy.

    Congrats on the purchase!! what color?

  6. I never said you -couldn’t- use other programs to put music on the iPod. You most assuredly can. My rant was more about buying music from iTunes and having to bend over backwards to make the music compatible with anything other than Apple products. So really said rant was completely irrelevant and probably could have done without saying altogether, but I don’t CARE, because my rage needed unleashing!

  7. but what I said is that I burn cds from iTunes and faerie/Mary Dawn takes them and uses them with her non Apple mp3 player – you should ask her how she does it cuz it works easily for her. Maybe you don’t have to have so much rage!!

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