Hope & Validation

Do you know Bernard Fanning’s music? He’s good. You should take a listen. Anyway, I stole the title of his song for my title because I could not think of one myself.

It’s been a strange week here, full of nothing, as most of my weeks are, I did the ironing – I KNOW! You and Ollie are both choking over that one. It seems all I ever do is clean up and procrastinate. I really need to finish my story.

Ollie has had an even stranger few weeks than me however, his bike is falling apart on him. Seriously dangerous, It worries me a whole lot. Then he hurt his neck..he was wandering around stiff for days complaining, he’s working six day weeks a the moment, I barely feel like I see him! He has had about 50 punctures, and has decided it is all bad karma he generated because he didn’t stop to help some lady whose car had stalled. He could be right. You should always help ladies whose cars have stalled..unless your me. I’m not stopping to help anyone with a stalled car I’m sorry. I’d be more hindrance than help you see.

On Sunday we went shopping. It was really nice, we had all these plans, and then none of them eventuated except the one that I on the spur of the moment decided was going to be the one thing I most definitely wanted to walk away with. I love it when that happens! I had been going to go buy myself some new jeans, since all of mine are too big for me now, but what I really, really wanted..was an entertainment unit. Okay, so jeans and entertainment units have nothing in common, and I realised this..but the point is, we really needed one. Our DVD’s and videos were all strategically placed in corners and left there since we moved in. I hated it so bad. And we bought one!

We looked through three different stores, and on the way, there was a tiny little old lady with a zimmer frame walking across the road, she hadn’t got halfway across when the lights turned green, and the cars behind us, who couldn’t see her for all her tininess were tooting there horns and infuriating the other cars who could see the old dear..who, upon hearing the tooting of horns panicked and stopped right in front of one car and stood there like a wee deer in the headlights. She wouldn’t move at all and was terrified, so..Ollie went. And then he felt bad for going..but, she was nowhere near us and didn’t start moving again until we’d gone.

So, I will admit to you, internet, that I am one of those surly customers that no one likes. The ones that salespersons come up to and wish they hadn’t. I’m the one who stands there turning my back on them and refusing to acknowledge them, while folding my arms across my chest and saying for the zillionth time – not that they know this – “No thank you, we’re.just.looking.” No, today I was very polite. I made eye contact and was sweet and apparently, it paid off. You see, I don’t go out a whole lot anymore, so when I do, talking to people is more novel than it was before…we decided on the unit we wanted, went home to measure the wall and make sure it fitted, did some more shopping and came back to buy it. We got the same salesman, who turned out to be the father of one of the kids in Siobhan’s class.

He, whom I was nice to, lucky me right? So he asks if we want to take it now or have it delivered for $45. We’re sort of blanching at this, because we live a 5 minute drive from there you see. And So Ollie shows him our car, and explains where we live, and he informs us he lives just around the corner and has a trailer. You know what he did? He told his boss he was taking a break – she looked really shitty about this too – and he went home, got his trailer and brought it here for us. Free! How nice is that? I was really touched. It looks great too, the house looks like a house now, instead of a student flat, and it’s so much tidier! Also, it gives me a larger cabinet to store all my paperwork from teacher’s college, and will fit the phone etc on it much nicer than the small one we currently have.

I’d take a picture, but I just can’t be bothered!

4 thoughts on “Hope & Validation

  1. I keep telling you that you’re sweet.. you just don’t reach into that part of yourself enough.. -winks and snugs and laughs at the “can’t be bothered” comment-.. sweet and sassy.. yeah.. you can be both.. -snugs you good-

  2. oh god.. you’d hate where I work if you were a customer.

    We’re friendly people. very customer oriented and customer focused. Now, granted we won’t bug you or anything.. but if we see you’re really ‘surly’ then we’ll kinda spread the word around to the other girls saying “DNA! DNA!”

    meaning do not approach -lol- Sometimes, a first shopping experience in our store can be a bit of a shock -lol-

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