I finally have my computer AND an internet connection! It feels like a very long time since I have had either. Keeping up with just a phone and a very poor 3G connection has been really difficult. I’m so glad to be back!

I’ve missed being able to just write here, and I feel like I have a lot to say, so expect some posts in the very near future! With pictures! I guess that’s the one good thing. I haven’t really had the opportunity to put up the photos Ollie has been taking on Facebook, so that means there’s a lot of new ones I’ll be able to share and write about here. (Unless you’re friends with Siobhan – in which case you may already have seen them!)

Happy New Year friends and family. I hope yours has been as interesting and varied as ours has been. Wishing you all the very best for 2013. xoxo

3 thoughts on “Whoa!

  1. thanks for the post dear! so glad to see you in a great place, hope the move goes smooth!

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