I Like Birds

I really do. They are the coolest creatures in the world. I like everything about them and always have. Part of my excitement at our move to Australia is all the interesting bird life just living there in the wild. I have been dreaming about planting fruit trees and nut trees to encourage them into my yard.

October arrived and we were finally ready to go over. It was a hectic trip, full of school visits and work prospects and looking at places we might end up living and spending time with family, etc. But it was also really great! Ollie and I haven’t been away for any real length of time without the kids ever, so it was really nice to have the chance to just be together – even though we were mostly doing things child related.

We got to meet two of the new baby arrivals – there are several still brewing. And I got to be the annoying Aunt who always wants to hold the babies and to show off my incredible skills with them.

Babies just love me. No really, they do. ┬áThis bundle of gorgeousness who did not at all want me to be annoyingly squeezing him is Hudson, and he’s a whopping 10 weeks old here. He gave me a lot of very serious looks and some windy smiles before filling his pants and then he’d had enough of me thank you very much. ­čÖé

He will grow to love me, because that neck in there needs to be raspberried many, MANY times. ┬áThat’s what babies like the most you know. That and having their feet eaten.

We timed our visit really well – accidentally, and ended up being there while Ollie’s dad and step mother also were which was lovely. It’s always good to get to see them again, even if for only a short time.

And on top of that, one of Ollie’s cousin’s wives very thoughtfully gave birth to their second child only three days before we arrived! I know! Good lord but is she the most beautiful wee thing in the world. I almost took her home with me. This redeems my claim that all babies love me, I swear. Check out the very serious face she is giving me. We were having an incredibly intense conversation together. Babies are the coolest, because they’re always so enthralled with what you have to tell them. You can tell she believes every word I’m saying.

Argh! Honestly!!!! That FACE!!!! Her name is Caitlin and if she was any cuter I would have just eaten her all up. OMNOMNOMZ!!!

Most of our ten days was spent ringing around schools and organising to meet with people to be shown around so that we could take back some information to the girls and let them decide which school sounded the best. We managed to narrow it down to three schools, all of which offer completely different things and styles of learning and we’re still deciding which to go with. Hopefully we will know by the end of this weekend, because that will decide where we end up living.

Our plans changed in regards to this part of things when we got there and were bombarded with so much information we went to bed on overload! Our original plan was to move over and buy a house close to the beach and send the girls to a school that was close by and looked great! But then we checked out some other schools, which were also great, and which meant that we’d have to be zoned if they chose to go there. Luckily all three schools have pointers in terms of living. The original one near the beach, another in a beautiful almost country setting and the other quite close to the city. All very different in terms of education and living. I’m excited!

And then we went to the beach. Actually, we went to Victor Harbour and stayed in a family holiday home for the weekend. It was so lovely, quite similar to Christchurch weather and scenery wise and we got to relax for awhile.

On our second day there, we went to Granite Island, which you can walk out to. It was such a lovely island, small enough to walk around and reminded me a lot of Canterbury’s coastlines.

There is even a horse drawn carriage you can take out there, but we opted to walk. Unfortunately for me, something on the island was in bloom and flared up my allergies something terrible! I sneezed the entire way around the island and went through an entire packet of tissues.

Ollie found a pair of birds sitting on the pathway and we paused so he could take photos of them. He crept up quietly as close as he dared and snapped his picture. The birds took offence and flew into the air screaming at the top of their lungs. We thought that was the end of it until they circled around and divebombed us! Not just once mind you, it was a complete bird aerial attack! They would not give up! We were shouting and laughing and trying to shoo them away and they were diving and shouting back, tips of wings touching the tops of heads, long bird legs scraping backpacks.

Look at his angry face! You can almost make out his birdy eyebrows drawn together in anger!

Yes, that is the top of my head that a bird is swooping in on. And yes, my husband did stand at the ready with camera poised to take pictures of me being attacked! He truly is my hero. When the second one divebombed him and hit his backpack and he shrieked in terror I was appeased! How rude!

Go away birds!!! Do you see his wing in the far left corner? These were by far the most hilariously evil birds I’ve ever come across. It was so funny and we were laughing so hard, which I think just spurred on their fury as they came back again and again. We didn’t even want their silly eggs! Not that I know where they were, but why on earth were they making their nest so close to the pathway? Eventually we managed to get far enough away that they roosted back down on rocks below and kept their evil birdy eyes on us until we had gone around the corner and left them for their next unassuming victims!

Aside from that though, the island really was very beautiful and full of incredible rocks. Ollie finally gave up his camera and allowed me to take his photo.

I think it’s his best angle.

After all that adventure and my endless weepy eyes and sneezing attack, we had a quick lunch, I bought some incredible allergy medication (Australian pharmacists are so much more helpful than ours!!) and we went back home to read and rest for awhile. Ollie was on the bed, I was in the lounge and fell asleep on the couch. Allergies are the worst thing in the world! They totally zap your energy! And he got to a really exciting part of his book and yelled “DUN DUN DUNNNNN!”

I swear to god, I almost crapped my pants. Holy shit internet! The place we were staying at is echoey. It was TERRIFYING!!!!! Who does that?! Who just assumes their wife is wide awake in the next room and shouts at the top of their lungs? Not okay! Luckily for him, he’d taken me out for a really lovely meal the night before.

We had a simple dinner that night and then spent the evening walking along the beach. I just can’t get over how warm the sea is over there. I’ve become so used to freezing cold Christchurch sea, that to walk into water and have it feel so warm is a novelty! It was just so gorgeous, even though the day itself was not really all that warm.

The evil Granite Island looming innocently in the background.


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  1. What an absolutely lovely trip, the birds made me LOL! I love the picture of you in the water. I’m incredibly excited for you all. Even if you’re ready to tear out your hair with frustration of getting everything done in time. <3

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