All This And Heaven Too

So I guess I was a bit too hasty in expressing my hatred of DIY and painting in my last post. It was definitely hard, and there were times when I really wondered what on earth I’d gotten myself into, but now that I’ve given it a second go, I have to take that back again. It’s not so bad, internet, and it really is very rewarding.

I’ve been waiting for Ollie to get into the bathroom, but he’s even slower than me! So while he is fluffing around with the tiny toilet area, I figured I’d get started on the shower. Those of you who watched my terrible vlog will have got some sense of how crusty my shower really is, but I needed a better camera to be able to show you it fully. What you didn’t see was exactly how dark and how grotty it is. It’s like a wee cave in the wall, with a horrible old door and damp and mould and ugh! It’s awful!

Ollie had started sanding a little in there, but it wasn’t happening fast enough for me, so I got in there last week and decided I’d just go for it. I unscrewed the door (with the help of Siobhan who got that last and very stubborn screw out) and we both struggled with the weight of it until we got it outside! It was incredibly liberating! I stood there being completely pleased with myself and wishing there had been an audience around to see how awesome I am.

The doorframe was a complete mess. It just looked so awful, so I got in there and sanded it back, and then filled in the gaps – which I am quite good at (better than Ollie, ha!) and then left it. It’s hard to do the shower, everyone needs to have one you see. I debated not letting anyone have one until we got a shower curtain put up, but then that seemed like another thing that would take forever, so I relented. It’s so lovely to shower in there now! It feels so open and light! Not as much water escapes as I imagined it would either which is good, because Ollie and I went to a hardware store to look for a shower curtain rail, and then I wondered out loud about whether or not you could get a glass door, just the door to fit in a shower. You can internet! Did you know this? I did not! I was SO excited to find this out, that we nearly bought one! I still partly think we should have, but the shower curtain will still make it look lovely in there. The glass door was pretty expensive. I’m really amazed at all the great bathroom and kitchen things there are in the world that you can just, purchase and get put in! I did not know any of these things. Had I, we might be very poor right now.

Anyway, we are waiting on the curtain rail, because when we went back after mulling over whether or not a glass door would fetch a better price than a shower curtain, and had gotten a mixed range of responses from friends, they had none left. So I spent the last couple of days painting the skirting boards, door frames, the step and the ceiling of the shower.

My mum told me about this amazing invention called the ‘speed brush’. I bought one and then gave it the side eye when it came time to use it. It looked difficult and I am not at all sure of myself with any of this painting business. So I just picked up my paintbrush and undercoated with that. With much the same feeling I felt painting the laundry. It was slow and boring and difficult. By the time I was done, my arms were aching and I was feeling like giving up.

I figured it couldn’t be any more difficult than that, so I sucked it up and gave it a go for the first layer of paint after the undercoat was dry. Oh my god! What a freakin’ revelation!!!! I heard angels singing.

It was done before I even realised I was painting! I do find it a bit messier, and I had paint all up my arms, but I was done so fast that I couldn’t wait for it to dry so I could do it again and have it finished!  It was a complete turn around in the hatred stakes. I now have a renewed interest in painting things. It just looks so fresh and clean and wonderful! Tomorrow I’m going to scrub every square inch of it until it gleams.

I think, if we work really hard this weekend, we could get the whole bathroom close to, if not completely finished. I’m pretty excited to show you how it looks when it’s done.

Everything else is plodding along nicely. We are slowly selling off all our stuff – and there is a LOT of stuff. I’ve spent a long time sorting through old kids school work, paintings, home made cards and other kept memories, and I have got it down to two boxes worth. It’s amazing what I found. Old letters, teenage writing, beautiful kindergarten paintings the girls did, hilarious stories they wrote in primary school. It’s been really lovely having the time to be able to sit and pour through everything and purge what we don’t need.

I think I am still keeping far more than I need, but two boxes is pretty manageable.

Tomorrow we have gardeners coming to straighten up our yard. I am really excited about this! I can’t wait to see all the pieces of dead trees and branches and stuff that we have just left lying around gone and the trees cut back and the gardens tidied.

Only about two and a half more months to go! I can’t believe how fast it’s going! And then I’ll bore you all with the talk of the new house, and all my plans for life across the ditch.

Somewhere in between then and now, I hope to have my first book in the beginning stages of publishing. Of course, I need to get into it and finish editing so I can give it out to my test audience and see what they think needs fixing, but it is coming along slowly. I’m not sure when life decided to become amazing, but it really is quite stunning at the moment.

Kelly x

2 thoughts on “All This And Heaven Too

  1. Enjoyed that Kelly !!!!! I know all about the heavenly choir , they sang the” Hark the herald Angels sing” when the room was painted , then, yesterday when that wall papering was done I swear they sang requiem…………..

  2. hahaha! Yes! That’s exactly what it’s like. There’s a light that shines down and illuminates you and everything! Like “look at what you’ve done, you amazing creature!” 😉

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