I have become a shoe fetishist.

I’m not entirely sure when this started, a couple of years ago, when I found this amazing pair of heels on the interwebs, I suspect. Those of you who know me, know that I have always been a little bit of a horror movie lover. It goes way back to the first moment I read my first Stephen King novel. I think I was 12. He really changed my life in terms of writing. I can’t remember what the first book I read was, but I was definitely hooked. I had been writing horror for a couple of years by that stage, for the next ten or so years, Stephen’s books really played an important role in my life.

Anyway, eventually Ollie introduced me to the zombie film genre.  10 years ago, he literally forced me to watch 28 Days Later (which was to become one of my all time favourite films, and the beginning of my lifelong crush on Cillian Murphy *sigh*), and I really did not want to like them, but I did. I’m not sure exactly what it is about zombie films, and yes, I do know that 28 Days Later isn’t a ‘true’ zombie film, since the infected don’t die and reanimate…but still. I think it’s the fact that they are so horrifically gross, and so filled with perfect allusions to humanity and consumerism. The way that they protray the human race and how post apocalyptic they are. I love the zombie genre, the fear of having to turn on your loved ones, or have them turn on you. I dunno, there’s just so much subtext going on in these films and I am deeply drawn to it.

And then I found George A Romero and have been pretty  much hopelessly in love with the zombie film ever since. Enough so, that I taught it to my media studies class! Best class ever! Seriously, it was definitely the most fun I have ever had teaching. Right now, they’re in the process of making their own zombie films, and we will have an all out zombie movie festival later this year. Which finally brings me to the point I was originally going to make about shoes!

I found this pair of shoes online, and fell in love. I craved them. I dreamed about them, I yearned for them with such passion that it drove me insane. And then Aleeya FOUND the place that made them! OMG! It was the most exciting day ever! Except that none of the places who had them, would ship to New Zealand. Luckily for me, I have amazing friends, and the wonderful Mary Dawn shipped them to me on my behalf. With a matching wallet! Check it out!

Zombie heels!!!! They are so awesome! I love them to bits.

And therein started my long forgotten love affair for shoes. I haven’t worn or bought a pair of heels in a very long time, and now I own far too many pairs! No, that’s not true. You can never own too many pairs of shoes. Still, I haven’t had this many pairs in a long, long time. Pre-children.

Anyway, I also have this unhealthy love for all things leggings, and after we found this amazing pair of galaxy tights from Black Milk Clothing – on the internet, the girls and I have been crazy about them ever since! The company hooked up with a shoe company and produced a pair of shoes using a material that I had missed out on when they were making their leggings and dresses. It was SO disappointing, because I had just talked Ollie into believing how badly I needed this dress and went to buy it (they were out of leggings forever *cry*) and it SOLD before I got to the checkout! Devastating!!!!

So obviously, when they made them in shoe form, I was NOT going to miss out. They went on pre-sale three months ago, and I diligently sat on the computer waiting to get them. The amount of people ordering them broke the website, and I was late for work and had to go. You cannot begin to imagine the rage. You know how when you wait until the last minute to bid on things online? Yeah…that’s the amount of rage I was feeling!

I got to work and didn’t give up. Once I got into my class, I looked the site up again and it was working! I got the shoes! I squealed with excitement and had my students huddled around me to see what was so exciting! It was so awesome. Haha!

Three months later, they’re finally shipped out, and I get a letter from the Customs Office telling me I have to pay $108 before they’ll be released! That’s a ridiculous amount of money if you ask me. I was furious, and I really almost didn’t pay. Then the whole amazingness and excitement had disappeared in a cloud of annoyance and disgust that they could charge me such a ridiculous fee on a pair of SHOES!

Well, they arrived today internet, and I opened the box, and I looked at them and thought to myself; “yeah, they’re pretty cool..” but I wasn’t convinced. Then I put them on and….oh dear lord….

I AM IN LOVE! I am so in love with these shoes! They are ridiculously perfect in every way! Look at them!!!!

Argh! OMG! The perfection!!!!!! The cartoon is called ‘Sick of Men’ and I have been lusting it forever! Sick of Men shoes? How could I resist?!  I bloody well couldn’t!!! I wore them out today, even though it’s cold and raining and I was worried they might get wet and die. They’re so awesome. I love them to bits and pieces, and I am very, VERY glad I bought them.

2 thoughts on “I have become a shoe fetishist.

  1. It’s not often we have things we can regularly indulge in, if it’s shoes for you, awesome! They are gorgeous and you rock them, sorry the last pair was such a bunghole to get!

  2. hee hee shoes ! enjoy them , I can;t help myself from buying Hand bags ! LOL ,,I have to give some away at times , I don;t feel guilty that way .

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