I’m getting awfully slack with my blogging. I know it, you know it..we all know it. The problem is, nothing interesting is really happening! I suppose I should use this time to put up some photos, but that requires opening photoshop, and when I do that, I get sidetracked into making completely different graphics instead. I know, I Am Hopeless!

Greebo turned up! 10 days after he went missing, we got a call from the landlords saying he was around at the old house. Sure enough, there he was. Sitting on the newly installed deck and staring longingly inside, wondering where we were and who the noisy yapping little white dog was. Ollie brought him home in the car, he’s thin now. Well, thin to us, but probably quite a good size for a cat. He has a waist! He was so glad to be home that he ate, and ate, and ate and purred and loved us and meowed, and three days later, he’s still afraid to leave the house. He sits underneath me when I’m on the computer, or wrapped in my arms on the couch while I watch television, and purrs all day long. But the outside world holds little interest to him now. He’ll go out, but he’d much rather stay in. Poor wee soul. I imagine this must be his last life, and he’s figured that out for himself too.

Ollie and I went out for dinner and a movie on Thursday night. It was so lovely, we went two hours early and wandered around together like all the other childless couples. Did I tell you that my parents have the kids? Well they do. They’re coming home via plane on Tuesday. We had delicious burgers, and large fries which I swear were small fries..the little Asian who served us would not be budged. She said “have you eaten any?” to which we laughed and said she said “I’ll bring you a few more” and literally, that’s what she did. Maybe..3 more? It was so bizarre that it was hilarious. The burgers were huge and wonderful, but I don’t think we’ll be going back there. We watched I Am Legend. It was good, but I’m not sure it was worth it’s own paragraph. It wasn’t bad at all..a bit of entertainment anyway.

I bought myself some new bra’s. I know, for most people that’s not interesting, but it really is for me! I have SUCH trouble finding decent bra’s. They were having a sale in the store and I wandered around..tried one on..hated it…and finally one of the young late night workers asked if I needed help. “Yes!” I sobbed disconsolately. “I can’t ever find bra’s that fit me properly!” She was very sweet..sweeter than I was expecting for someone younger than me. “I have old ladies boobs!” I wailed, “I need something that lifts them up and keeps them there!” She eyed my chest critically and said “you do not have old lady boobs, I have seen old lady boobs and trust me, you don’t have them!” And then she found me the most perfect bra in the world! I looked slimmer as soon as I put it on. Then, then she proceeded to find me 3 others. I walked out with three. I couldn’t help it, every one of them looked great. I don’t get that feeling very often. I have a feeling they’re supportive old lady bras, but they’re lacy and pretty at the same time..except the one which is just monster support and perfection. She said, this brand was perfect for me, because the really extra super large sizes are all snapped up fast, but that the smaller sizes (as in, weight sizes) don’t go as fast. I think she was telling me I was small, but big boobed. Anyway, she fitted me perfectly and I am super pleased.

See? Once you start me writing, stopping me is the difficult part.

Speaking of writing, my roleplay has been amazing lately. I’m so impressed with myself! I tried to make a decision to write more outside of roleplay, but so far, it hasn’t happened. It will though, Ollie keeps telling me I need to write for a wider audience, and not just the few people in the room who share it with me. He’s right of course. I have ideas in my head now, and I am reading up a storm with the kids gone and the holidays here..I stay in bed and just read the mornings away. Not very good for getting stuff done, I concur. But, the reading is wonderful..I’m enjoying it a lot and it is helping me find the words again. It’s funny how when you start reading everything in sight again, your own creativity is sparked. I must get on to the outside writing. Ollie had great ideas, and I should do them. I will do them.

We’ve been doing a few little walks too, not nearly enough..the weather has been changable, but that’s been nice too. I think maybe I should get off here now that it’s lunchtime, tidy up a little..go for a walk, do the groceries and spend the evening relaxing. We watched Black Snake Moan last night, have you seen it? You should. It’s very, very good in a disturbing sort of way.

5 thoughts on “Slack!

  1. I agree that you should write more.. -nodsnods-.. I love reading you.. even if it is your blog.. I’m getting to know kelly and her family and I love that part.. just as much as I’m drawn to your writing.. and I’m a reader, so I know good writing.. -winks and hugs-

  2. i told you ages ago that a good bra would make you look skinny! see, i’m right…and you don’t have old lady boobies, you have mommy boobies

  3. You ladies are the best..and I know faeriee! It just seems that I need good bras like all.the.time! And they’re soo expensive! So, I wear my good one until it dies and then go back to the not good ones. But, I’m getting rid of the not good ones, because now I have THREE good ones!! THREE!!

  4. Never knock the sexy ‘i am empowered’ feeling you get from a good bra. Seriously. My favorite bra’s are the one that give me cleavage like nobody’s business. I find mine at La Senza, and they’re absolutely wonderful!

    And yes…more writing!! I read the stuff you put on Tripod (is that what its called) and loved it! Gimme More!

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