I think I’ve become an adult. I don’t know if this is a good thing, or if I should be terrified. I rather like not being an adult..but, at the same time…being an adult has been very satisfying lately. I am going to list my adultness..because, that’s just the kind of girl I am. Yes, it’s not very adult, I am rebelling against my adultness!

  1. I completed t.col.
  2. I returned to my old job, found out a lot of crap about it, called a meeting with the big bosses..quit and then was offered a promotion and more money to stay until December.
  3. I told work that they should promote Miss 18, who just turned 19 to supervisor. They said they would, if I trained her and would promote her when I leave.
  4. I stopped my boss from sexually harrassing the young girls we work with.
  5. I managed to get us lunch breaks.
  6. I stopped them making us pay for parking (at least made the goal of this achievable) when we work at the new site.
  7. I applied for a teaching job, and have another one in the works.
  8. I am currently in the process of house hunting. Hello? Did you hear me? We’re buying our first.ever.house. ZOMG!
  9. Obviously, we are at the moment, doing very well financially..several years before we imagined it would be possible.

And then, just because I don’t enjoy being fully adult…I did some childish things to offset my adultness.

  1. I’m getting braces on the 5th of November! ZOMG x 2!!! This involves having two teeth pulled and I am scared. Also, lots of money.
  2. I had my nostril pierced. *loves it!*
  3. I’ve developed an unhealthy crush on Cillian Murphy and can’t stop watching his films (even the bad ones) and finding pictures of him to croon over. Oliver is suitable eye rolly about the entire thing.
  4. I am roleplaying way, way too much and having way, way too much fun doing it.
  5. I’ve become a worse cook than ever and cook awfully late now that the sun sets later.
  6. I am boycotting housecleaning.

I’m sure there are more..but I just can’t for the life of me think about them right now. It’s Cillian you see…him with his Irishness and the features to die for, and the squeeing fangirlishness of it all…he distracts me, and I’m ashamed. Kind of.

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