Happy New Year

It’s been awhile hasn’t it internet?  My apologies for neglecting you so terribly!!  How was your Christmas? Did you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed mine?  Ours was quiet and relaxed, the girls were spoiled rotten as always, and I got presents too!  I spent most of my time reading, which was wonderful, I’ve missed just sitting around reading and being lazy and shopping and eating. Oliver and the girls did a few walks around the place, I went on the last one with mum too.  It was beautiful, we took a ton of photos, and then came home again.  The girls have stayed on in Nelson for another week, we’re going to meet half way, in Kaikoura for lunch, to pick them up and bring them home again – unless we can find a cheaper flight.

Returning home has been lovely.  Coming back to our very own house was a great feeling.  Greebo has disappeared again though, I wonder if this time it’s for good.  Lily spent the night smooching and purring around me, she curled up in bed with me, her face pushed into my throat and her front paw slung lovingly across my neck.  We cuddled for hours before she finally stopped purring and fell asleep.  It was so gorgeous that I couldn’t help but squish her.  She got up, pranced around and then curled up with me again, my arm slung around her until Ollie got sick of our lovefest and dragged her out.  I know!

The next morning, even Swirl cuddled.  It’s nice to know they miss you when you’re gone.  Yeah right..they missed being inside and fed whenever they darn well wanted it and I know it!

Happy new year my friends.  May it be as wonderful as you all are.
I’ll share pictures soon, I promise.

4 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Congrats on your graduation! Did you get the Maori greeting before the ceremony? Yes I got my braces and they hurt. I get them tightened on 1/31. They are the ceramic ones so they are hard to see in pics but scroll down the blog and you’ll see them!

  2. thank you! 🙂

    Yes sort of..what happened was we all walked up the centre aisle while the karanga was sounded by the woman with us, and answered from the stage..we were like the welcoming party for all the graduands and the audience..once we were seated, the whole thing began, it was pretty cool!! There were only six of us chosen too, which made it super special, considering there were around 400 people graduating.

    And love the braces! They’re hard to see alright, like mine! My next tightening session is early Feb. It’s not nearly as awful as when you first have them put on.

  3. That is awesome! I’m an anthropologist so I dig on other cultures. I just graduated with my PhD and we had nothing so special – well a famous American football player graduated with me – Joe Namath.

    By the way, my teeth make weird popping noises too. I feel like I did when I was little and was about to lose a tooth – thankfully they are all wired in!

  4. Yay! Congratulations! I’m desperate to stick around and do my PhD but, we need me to work and start earning my keep. hehe

    It is SO good to talk to another adult braces survivor! I’m so glad I’m not alone with the weird popping teeth thing..it was making me paranoid..of course, the fact the two front ones are root canalled was making it scarier still.

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