so camp darling!

Happy New Year! 2011. So far, I’m really kind of enjoying it. For the most part anyway.

We went camping on the weekend. It was supposed to be a two day trip to Hanmer Springs Thermal pool resort. Here’s how it went down.

We arrived at the camp site around 2pm to the most stiflingly hot and windy day imaginable. We were sprawled on the ground going “OMG THE HOT!” Ollie, the poor thing pretty much put up the tents singlehandedly. He struggled a lot with the stupid pegs and the stupider rock hard ground. When they were up, we stood back and watched in horror as gale force winds blew them almost horizontally with the ground. They stayed up amazingly.

We sprawled out inside them for awhile, Ollie and Aleeya played frisbee and wandered down to the other end to the playground which was apparently quite cool. Siobhan and I stayed in the tent and listened to music and talked. Then Ollie and I drove into Hanmer and ordered the BEST Indian food I’ve ever had. And he took Aleeya to the hot pools for an hour afterwards while Siobhan and I listened to more music and talked. It was far too windy to toast marshmellows, so we played cards, then played one word games. The second of which had me laughing so much I was crying.

It finally got dark and I took the girls to the bathroom. On the way, there were MASSIVE bugs on the ground. Massive flying bugs, which I found thoroughly interesting and the girls did not. They were no shit, as long as my pinky finger, but as fat as my thumb and had what looked like really hard wings. On coming home, we used the powerz of Google to look them up and found out they were Huhu Beetles! There was one in the toilet as well which Aleeya and I watched kamikaze itself in the shower. A girl came out and was most concerned that we didn’t like it, scooped it up and threw it out. Really, we were just waiting for Siobhan.

On the return back to the tent, one of these bugs…they were EVERYWHERE, found its way onto my shirt without my knowing it. So we’re in the tent and I’m explaining them to Ollie and I feel something on my arm, look down and OHAI MR BUG! The girls freak and I’m like “It’s okay! It’s fine! Plz get it off me.” To which Ollie does. He curls it up in his hand and he’s all “see? It’s fine. I have it. IT IS BITING ME OH MY GOD FUCK IT’S BITING ME!!!!!!!” And he threw it across the tent….at Aleeya.

He did. She is SCREAMING and I’m going “WHAR IZ IT?!” And he gets it and finally tosses it out of the tent and I take a look at his thumb and he is BLEEDING. BLEEDING interwebz. Not just under the skin…it broke his skin and he is BLEEDING! We’re all three of us girls sitting there dumbfounded and terrified by these killar massive bugs from hell and the entire tent mood is completely sombre. “This isn’t fun.” Siobhan pouts, and I’m kind of in agreement. It’s time for bed though, and both girls are meant to be in the other tent. He takes them in there and I’m like “do you really think that’s a good idea? Ask them if they want to swap.” So he does, and I end up with Siobhan in my tent. I’m like “just so you know, I’m not the brave one. You’re no safer with me.” But I don’t think she really cares.

So I put on headphones and listen to music while the wind howls around us, because every noise sounds like someone trying to get into the tent and I am REALLY paranoid about night and wind and not being able to hear anything over said wind, don’t fret though, I had it on very low, and I made sure she knew I could still hear her if she needed me, which thankfully she didn’t, because I meant it when I said she wasn’t any safer with me. I’m about as brave as jelly. And eventually I turn my music off and drift in and out of sleep. A sleep plagued by nightmares, where my husband is covered in SUPERMASSIVE BUGS and I’m terrified!

In the morning, the birds are SO loud that it sounds like they’ve all converged on the ground outside the tent, which I truly believe they did until other campers started getting up and moving about. Everyone is exhausted, except Aleeya who apparently slept fine. Ollie didn’t sleep at all, Siobhan has her period, the poor girl and I’m trying to be into this, because I know how much it meant to him and how much he wanted us to like it.

We were supposed to go on walks and spend all our free time in the hot pools, but it’s SO hot and so damn windy and no one has slept that all we do is lay around going “murrrrr.” At 11am I get us up and to the pools and it was really lovely for everyone except Siobhan. Afterwards, we got some lunch, which was just as lovely and go back to the campsite, with the intent of going on a short hour or so walk, heading back to play some mini golf and then to decide if we’re going to stay another night.

We get back there, and what really happens is the heat exhausts us further and we decide to just pack up and go. Which we do. The wind almost blew the tents away while we’re wrestling them to the ground and we leave. Half way home Ollie almost passes out with exhaustion and I do something I’ve never done before. I offer to drive the rest of the way. Which I successfully do without panicking once.

Give me a cabin any day!! 😉

6 thoughts on “so camp darling!

  1. HUGS im sorry it was a mixed bag! tho i could have totally done WITHOUT the picture of the bug. ew. thanks. i was equal parts revolted and creeped.

  2. OMG!! I HATE camping,, the noise of the tent and all night friggin tootin from the moreporks and HUHU BEETLES! dont you remember them in Takaka? over there we called them hair cutters! those spiney legs once in your hair and caught will tangle up the most sleekest of hair and have to be cut out! and yes,,, I have been bitten by the nasty little F*@!ers and bled too.. shudders, they do create a bit of fun if you have a badmantin raquet and are brave enough to hang around by the camp loos under one of the big lights :-).

  3. EEEEEK hair cutters!!I hate them , hope you are over that camping trip and ready for the next .:-)

  4. I didn’t remember them at all Mimi and ohmyGOD! That’s the most terrifying thought in the world. I HATE anything getting into my hair! 🙁

    Mary Dawn *L*

    Mum: …..

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