what not to talk about in christchurch

Many of you know that Christchurch suffered a pretty terrifying earthquake two months ago. It was 7.1 and we all came out of it okay. I wrote a little about my experience, which I’ll probably post up here on one of those many days when I can’t think of anything else to write.

Anyway, last night after we watched Inception, yes again! Oh the joys of Chris Nolan and obviously, Cillian Murphy, who is perhaps the most perfect specimen of the male species ever…I digress. Last night, I turned to Ollie and I said “we haven’t had any noticeable earthquakes for awhile!”

“No.” He replied. “Just a few around the 3 mark that we haven’t really noticed.”

He looked it up on the Geonet earthquake site – check it out! You can follow our progress, and we talked about all the little ones we hadn’t felt.  Well, just about quarter of an hour after that, I was in bed, and guess what internet?  Ya, that’s right. Earthquake. It was just a little one, but it did make the house bang and the windows rattle and my poor heart leap in my chest, but it was sudden and over again and I settled back down to read my book. A couple of minutes later, there’s another one! Then not long after that, yep..another one.

And then just as I was on the verge of sleep, a 4.7 rocked through the house, banging the windows, crunching the floor and shuddering violently for a good 30 seconds or so. The both of us sat up and were trying to decide whether or not it was one we were going to have to throw ourselves out of bed over and save the girls when it stopped and we fell back down and went to sleep again.

So, internet. The moral of the story is: don’t let me talk about earthquakes out loud, because apparently, the earth likes to prove me wrong.

4 thoughts on “what not to talk about in christchurch

  1. I dont think its ever going to stop… perhaps Christchurch is going to break off and float up to Nelson……maybe,, the surrounding areas are going to eventually be reclaimed by the sea!! and Christchurch will be its own little island!!

  2. That could be quite awesome. Especially if it stays a free floating island. Imagine where we could end up! As long as we go upwards and not down to Antarctica I’m all for it!

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