Everything is finally starting to come together, okay, so it has been for awhile now and I’ve just not had the right cables and bits and pieces to actually take photos to show you. I do now though, the electricians came and put sockets in the walls and stuff, so Ollie is starting to unpack computery cabley things now.

I tell you what internet..the next time you think, or hear someone talk about whiny women..you need to meet this electrician. I have never, in my entire life met anyone quite like him before. He arrived on time, in fact slightly early actually and introduced himself to me, and his little mate too. He looked to be around..ohh 25-28? Tall, very good looking actually..in that skinny, scruffy guy kind of New Zealand boy way, which really doesn’t do much for me, except on the occasion be interesting eye candy..and he had..I guess his apprentice with him…a sullen looking young guy who must have been around 17 or 18..they came in and I told them where the socket things were needed and where the lights were going and he’s all “cool, cool.” And so I left them to it. I sat myself on the couch and read. Bliss I tell you…bliss.

So anyway, even though he asked me where I wanted the sockets put, he put them where he wanted to anyway, and I swear to you internet, on my life as your new entertainment writer of the century, the whole two or so hours he was here, all he did was bitch and moan. His drill wasn’t working, he just couldn’t believe it. What was with the wall anyway? Was it a beam there? For fuck sake, he’d have to go under the house. Where’s the man hole? (Up the man’s arse! I wanted to tell him) I heard him swearing and blinding while he was under the house too. Every time he had to do something, he swore about it and moaned and stamped his feet and sighed dramatically and whined and cried and lost his hat.

The poor little kid with him was running around trying to do stuff and this guy is all “I hate these fucking stupid little fucking jobs” and I’m thinking to myself, riiiight, and this guy wants to get paid for this? Seriously, I was torn between fits of giggles and fits of embarrassment on his behalf. I have never met anyone less professional in all my life. It was just..bizarre! Like..totally bizarre! He was so embarrassing I was ashamed on his behalf. I had to disappear into my bedroom and immerse myself in a conversation on the phone with my friend.

He used Ollie’s cable, which Ollie had specifically asked him not to use while I was frantically txting him about what was going on and how awful this boy was..he rung me going “can I talk to him?” I’m all “are you serious? You want me to go over there with the phone??” he was SO polite when you talked to him..but I’d hate to think what he’d be like if he was left alone in someone’s house. I mean, if he acts so unprofessionally when you’re home what would he be like if you weren’t?? Rifling through my knickers drawer? Ollie specifically told him not to use the cable..turns out, he wasn’t going back under the house for anything, and used it anyway, seeing it was already there.

Everything works, and he did (to his credit) vacuum his mess up after him…but OMG internet, OMG. I felt so sorry for the boy working with him..quiet sullen little thing, so polite and thankful when you showed him where the roof entrance was and where to go for certain things..we had security lights put in too..they work..but ask me where the switch for them is..go on! Ask me?

I’ve got no idea.

In other news, my two gingers have disappeared together. I’m not sure what exactly to do about this. They don’t appear to be at the old house. Greebo has been gone since last night, and Miss Lily came in once the electricians had left, disappeared again and I haven’t seen her since. It’s all very concerning and stressful.

In other, other news..I had my braces tightened today. They HURT again…but they’re adorable. I’m totally decked out for Christmas. I have red and green on all of them..even the front ones, let’s see people not notice them now! I tried to get you all a picture but it just would not show properly at all. Look at my living area’s though! The bedrooms aren’t particularly interesting, and no shot did them justice…they’re just not decorated enough yet…but look at my living areas!

That’s my little old kitchen. It looks smaller than it is because it’s a really odd shape, behind the fridge is all this empty space which is full of cat cages for them to sleep in and litter boxes..so, you didn’t need to see that..but anyway..the possiblity of making it one large kitchen is totally there..do you see that I have a dishwasher? And it’s not me! I know!!

That’s Ollie’s box of computery cabley things there..this is before I tidied up this morning..and obviously, my dining room. On the right is where my computer is, where the box is, is where Ollie’s is..I love the dining room. See all the sun coming in from the french doors? So nice..the beam you can just see, is a double opening glass door which goes into the lounge. What you can’t see is that the big squiggly white vase is holding peacock feathers..it looks so great against that dark wall..I love feffs!!!

And this is the lounge! Again, things were moved slightly out of their proper places because it was first thing in the morning, and I have kids and a smelly husband. The box there is Ollie’s bodhran which I bought him when I went to Ireland last..I really want it against one of the dark walls, cos it’s beautiful against there..like, seriously..but the only spare one is over the fireplace and I don’t think that’s a good plan. Course, I could move the picture there..I’m just not sure it’s right there either. Anyways..eventually, I’m going to have the bookcase where the Christmas tree is, because where the bookcase is, will be perfect for my mother’s rocking chair which she said I can have. So there’s two chairs with my little collection of teaching notes stashed in a table thing between them on the left and the couch on the right, and yes, I realise the tv isn’t centred, but that is because we’re going to get a DVD rack which will go to the left there..and hold the pile of DVD’s you might be able to see there. And that, internet, is the most interesting part of my home!!

And, as I was typing this..Miss Lily came home. One ginger down, one to go. Think positive homely thoughts for my big ginga boy. I miss him when he’s not here…

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