A Night At The Movies!

I’ve never taken the girls to the movies at night before. We always go during school holidays, in the afternoon. But New Moon? Well that’s a film I had to see at night. I waited, two weeks to see it, so that we didn’t have to put up with teenage girls talking and giggling all through the movie.  Anyway, I went in at lunch time to buy tickets for 8pm, I got back row seats almost directly in the middle and Extreme Screeeen. Oooh the loud and excitingly massive theatre! I like the back row, because people talking behind me irritate me way more than the people talking in front of me.

At least, that’s what I thought. Of course, the people sitting right in front of us were the most retarded bunch of girls ever. I swore. I did.  And I was THIS close to kicking two of them in the back of the head. So apparently were the girls. Aleeya said “did you see me put my leg out?”  To which I replied “I did!” And she said “that was me trying to kick their seats, but my legs weren’t long enough!” I do love my kids. They’re all kinds of wonderful. Aside from that, the did a really good job on the film. They did. No, really. It was very well done.  So, why am I feeling let down?

It’s very hard to explain. Or maybe it isn’t. I want to be on the fence about which character I love, but I’m really not. I am an Edward girl, all the way. Jacob in this film, is fantastic. He’s deliciously muscular and half naked all the time and he smoulders. Also, his teeth just break my heart. Perfect. Truly and utterly perfect. He’s a great character, warm and sweet and delicioussss! But the real problem is, I don’t like Bella. I’ve never liked Bella. She is the worst Mary Sue character IN THE WORLD. Her only flaw is that she falls over. Uhm…everyone falls over. Oh and she gets paper cuts and hangs around with creatures that are way too strong and want to drink her delicious blood.

It’s sad when Edward leaves. But it’s not sad that he leaves Bella. It’s sad that he’s NO LONGER IN THE MOVIE!!! OH MY GOD!!!  And when they bring him back? For goodness sake. Can’t we have him being the beautiful creature he is, rather than some morbid, yes okay fine – he looks like he’s dead and he should…since he is…but he is beautiful! And they do not make him beautiful! Also, not enough kissing…not enough Carlisle and definitely, definitely way too much Bella.

Sorry. It wasn’t my favourite book of the series, and while the special effects were very special, the movie did not meet my expectations. All you people out there squeeing over how awesome it was? You built up my excitement, and I’m not exactly sure I walked out feeling like it was a good reason to spend $40.

Next up? Zombieland! I won tickets today!! We’ve already seen it, but I tell you what, THAT is a film I would spend money on to see again. Luckily, I don’t have to! I highly recommend it, if you liked Shaun of Dead, you’ll like this one. The did an awesome job on it. And as much as I don’t want to admit it? I am, sadly…a fan of zombie movies. So excited to get to see it on the big screen! YAY!

7 thoughts on “A Night At The Movies!

  1. hmmmmmmn am thinking I will wait till its out on dvd…. I would have visously loudly hissed at them to “shut the fuck up!”

  2. and somewhere,,,, in the North Island…. a little girl waits,,,,, and waits,,,,,,and waits,,,,,,,,and waits,,,,,,,,her head is all skinny now as she waits,,,,, it hasnt been fed since Nov last year!! how cruel!! and she waits,,,

  3. I thought it was terrible. All that, stay with him it’s not his fault he ripped your face off, was a thin metaphor for domestic violence (intentional or not). And when a guy rejects you, stop your life and mope around for months and he’ll come back and declare his undying love for you. It should be illegal for teenage girls to watch this. And there wasn’t enough sex. AND I was disturbed by being attracted to a half naked 16 year old boy. *shudder*

  4. hahahaa! I only just saw this comment. You are right. I found this livejournal article that an ex Mormon girl wrote after reading each of the books. Her view on them is really clever and very interesting. I know nothing about Mormonism, she did a great job. Also, Taylor Lautner is wrong on so many levels. Don’t ever watch Sharkboy and Lavagirl. He’s about 10 in it and it’s even more disturbing to find him gorgeous in New Moon after you’ve seen him all frowny and singing and babyish. D:

  5. I heard it describe as “New Moon – one girl’s choice between necrophilia and beastiality.” 🙂

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