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Waiting for the Miracle (or some cool weather..which would be a miracle)

I really wanted to update more than once a month, but it’s just so HOT here internet.

The room we have the computers in is the hottest room in the house, which means that if I am out here for any length of time, all I’m really doing is wilting and looking at pretty things instead of being creative and thoughtful and writing!

Speaking of writing, that has come to a little bit of a halt. Obviously moving countries has given me reason to be lax. Terry Brooks says it the best really: “Fiction writing is a twenty-four-hour-a-day occupation. You never leave your work behind. It is always with you, and to some extent, you are always thinking about it. You don’t take your work home; your work never leaves home. It lives inside you. It resides and grows and comes alive in your mind.”

This is pretty much exactly where I’m at right now. I have been writing notes and thinking up plots and fixing the holes in my head, but I haven’t actually written anything yet. It’s so hot! Hot hot hot! And when it’s not hot, you get this little moment of pure pleasure where you go “let’s go out!”

We are doing a lot of things here at the moment. Starting new routines, becoming better at cooking, eating, shopping and living. It’s gone past the holiday stage but not completely. We are still sort of figuring out what it is we’re all about in this new country, and finding the cohabitation with large bugs and HUGE SPIDERS all a bit overwhelming really.

In saying that though, Siobhan and I are back to dancing, and really loving it! We are being very challenged which is great, and have a beautiful and inspiring group of people to dance with. We are hyped and even go on the super hot days when we’re likely to die. Which is pretty much exactly what I did this week.

I am however, determined to get my fitness levels back up to something. Anything!

It’s a very long story, the short of which is that stress and unhappiness and quakes and almost losing my husband along with just normal day to day life crept up and kicked me in the arse. I put on a LOT of weight and stopped looking after myself. Actually, if I’m going to be honest, I haven’t looked after myself in YEARS. I dieted on chocolate and coffee and lost 10kgs. But ruined my health in the process. I was tired and weak and my last doctors visit announced that my normalcy of low blood pressure was well and truly gone. I had high blood pressure and cholesterol and have become insulin resistant.

This has been pretty devastating for me, but I have no one to blame but myself. And my first instinct was to throw a complete childish paddy and eat everything and anything in sight. Which meant I piled on the 10kgs I lost again and felt even worse. The moving business didn’t really help. In those last few months, we ate a lot of take aways and fast foods, and I wondered and lamented and wailed and gnashed my teeth wondering why I’d put on all this weight, and bitching about how life wasn’t fair.

It’s taken me a few months to admit to myself that it’s my own damn fault and to face up to the consequences like the adult I strive hard not to be. The past three weeks have been hell. I have been slowly trying to repair this damage, and making choices that contradict a lifetime of bad habits. It’s been hard, but I’m getting there, slowly. People always say “you didn’t put on that weight overnight, you won’t lose it overnight”.  The truth is though, you always feel like you DID put it on overnight, and when it doesn’t just come off over night, it can be really demoralising.

Exercising in this heat is something else. Today I had sweat literally pouring off me. Running down my back! I do not like to sweat at all, but despite all my inner protests I did it, and 44 minutes later was on the floor doing ab and back work.

Yeah, I’m proud and showing off.

I feel a lot better than I ever have. Particularly now that my withdrawls over lack of salt and sugar have worn off. I no longer really crave chips or chocolate. I never, ever thought I’d say that. Ever!

So, I hope that you’ll forgive me my lack of actual writing right now. I am reading a TON of books and keeping up with writerly type things, and considering attending a full day writing workshop coming up in March, and definitely, definitely still living in my world with my characters and planning their next moves. They are far from forgotten.

I have also become a lot more confident with driving a GINORMOUS car we’re borrowing from family in this GINORMOUS (don’t even laugh – there’s a million more people here than there were in Christchurch, it’s HUGE) city…AND I have a bike, which I totally adore, and I know where the library is.

So if my husband does not get his arse off that computer chair next to mine and get out to work, I will leave him behind for the glorious, and air conditioned deliciousness of our local library.

God. Why aren’t I there right now?


Just Dance…

Sunday night was the show. The one I’ve been stressing over for weeks now, because I have had so little time to prepare. I was terrified, I really was.  The worst part was, I was so certain the show started at 7.30pm. That’s the time ALL the shows have started, ever since I’ve been doing them. Apparently, Sunday shows start at 6pm. So we’re getting ready and I’m doing the kids makeup and my own, and it’s 6pm and I’m all “we should go now so we have lots of time to practice and feel okay about things.  And so the kids are in the car, and I’m making sure I have everything I need and I get a text.  It says: “are you going to be here soon? The show starts in 5 minutes.”

Can you even begin for a moment, to comprehend the terror that ripped through me? “OMG OMG OMG!!!” I’m screaming, and checking the ticket and lo and behold there is it. UNDERLINED! 6pm. So we rush out the door, and I’m almost hyperventilating in fear.  The kids are supposed to be on second, and they’re half the group.  It was terrifying. I couldn’t calm myself down. I worked myself up into a complete state and couldn’t come back down from it.  We got there at about 6.20pm and they’d reorganised the program around us. I felt awful. Really awful!  It was just..I can’t even explain it actually.  But it was the worst feeling in the world.

Anyway, I danced, and I was pretty good. I certainly wasn’t great, by the time we were on, I’d calmed down a lot, but I was still worked up and horrified at myself.  I missed a little part, and then spent the rest of the night getting drunk and recovering from the horror that was this show.  I was very disappointed in myself, because I’d worked extremely hard, and then I messed up.  Anywayyyyy, I know you’re all hoping for photos! So here are a few!  Ollie had the camera settings wrong for the girls, so there weren’t any good ones. But they danced again today, and I’ll show you those a little later!

Here I am then! In all my Christmas glory!

Look at her gorgeous hair!

And Aleeya’s stunning eyes. <3

Drain Bamage.

I have writers block, again.  NaBloPoMo suggests I write 30 posts on routine. I’m bored already. In fact I yawned so much, I think I locked my jaw.  I wrote about routine already! Look down there at the delightfully interesting subject of supermarkets.  It’s been a full week and I have been prompted to write. I’m looking at you Dee!  I have nothing! I am having a moment of complete drain bamage! Not even my music is inspiring me, and considering how great it is, it really should be. These guys rock. You should all go out and find their CD’s. Look them up on youtube. I shared Start Wearing Purple with you, go watch it! It was fashioned entirely out of awesome – oh, you’ll find them at the end of the post.

Okay fine. Here’s some routine. Or rather, this is what went down today.  You’re riveted already aren’t you?  I’m yawning again, hang on just a minute…

I went to dance this morning. I was late. I ran around the house in a flap trying to pull my costume together, trying to remember my water bottle, trying to find my shoes, wishing that I wasn’t still recovering from a migraine and feeling pretty dubious about the wellbeing of my stomach.  I made it only 5 minutes late, which is a record for me. And proceeded to be extremely dazzling.  No, it’s true.  Aside from the fact that I am terrified, internet..absolutely terrified I’m going to shimmy out of my bra, I was delicious.  One of the girls videoed us and we watched it at the end of class. I shook out my hair, put on my bra with only a few tears at the freezingness of walking around half naked, and I danced, beautifully. I really did.  I was quite inspired by myself. If I dance like that on the night, I’ll be very pleased.  Of course, I need to remember to suck in my tummy.  And the shoulder shimmies – which I am totally being modest and making much smaller than they’re supposed to be, make my boobs move much, much too enthusiastically, which I am sure will offend parents of young children and have the male part of the audience completely unsure where to look, and yet, uncomfortably mesmorised to the swaying of my ginormous bust.  Honestly, Michelle, couldn’t you have like, had the decency to HAVE A BUST! So that maybe mine could be less huge??  It’s totally your fault. You were born first. You were supposed to share the bosom.

And after I thrilled our teacher, and the other dancers who were all “mmmrawwrrrr Kellyyyyyyy in the red and green!” with delicious gloves that run right up my arm and stop just at my tattoo, deliciously framing him to complete perfection, I drove home in the rain and the cold and I re-lit my fire and I played, and cooked a gorgeous stew, and we watched Harry Potter 3 – which remains my favourite one to date. They will have to do something superb to win me over with the next two movies, because nothing, and I really mean nothing beats Remus Lupin and Sirius Black. I’m having a moment.  Okay it’s over.  Honestly, who can not love Gary Oldman? And while we were watching Harry Potter 3, in preparation for Harry Potter 6 – obviously we’re watching them all right now…I got a phone call.

I never get phone calls.  Do you know why?  Because I never ring people. I don’t! I am the most hopeless friend in the whole world. I will text, but I won’t call. Every time I make a new friend, I warn them, many times, that I don’t call them on the telephone.  If you tell me to ring you? Like in a text five minutes before you want me to ring? I will have a slight angst moment about it, and then call you.  But otherwise, I have this severe dislike, of picking up the telephone and ringing people.  I’m not entirely sure what it is, I think it stems from the fact that it feels so much like an infringement on people’s personal space. I also have a huge dislike of people knocking on my door. I am not very polite to religous and sales doorknockers, and I hate, hate, HATE it when people just show up unannounced. Normally because you’ll catch me in my pjs, with a messy house, and it grates on me when people just turn up! Unless they have presents, or food, or presents AND food!

I actually love to talk on the phone.  Once you ring me? You won’t ever get me off the phone, unless I really have to go somewhere.  I go to the bathroom, while I talk on the phone.  It’s usually okay right up until I flush the toilet.  But you know what? If you’re my friend, you’ll be used to me oversharing with you. I am the queen of overshare.  Anyway, I got a call from a friend I’ve been thinking about for -weeks- now, and really been missing.

We probably won’t meet anytime soon, I did try to invite myself over for dinner with the added bonus of fixing her computer – at least, Ollie would.  She sounded a little thrilled, but not enough for me to know it was going to happen, which is perfectly fine with me, because let’s face it, if she invited herself over for dinner at my house? I would probably hang up on her.  No I wouldn’t!!  But wouldn’t that be hilarious?  We talked for not long enough, but that’s to be expected at an indecent hour of the night when you’re midway through watching Harry Potter with your daughters…about fantastically interesting and wonderful things.  She is, as I expected working hard and being fabulous, and it was so great to hear from her.

So that’s been my day!  It’s been really nice, considering the horrible day I had yesterday…I’m relaxed again and feeling better about life and it’s all good.  Of the bad – Greebo got in a fight and tore his head to shreds, literally. He has a drain in his head, stitches and a cone which is really frustrating him.  It cost a stupid amount of money and I might have cried, a lot about it.  I’m so sick to death of him doing this…I can’t tell you how much money he has cost us over the years.  It’s ridiculous, and I’m too soft to do anything, but nod and agree with the vet, who then charges us retarded amounts of money. *sigh* I picked him up yesterday, I had a migraine…I started to panic about dancing and being was a mess.  Today was great.  Thank you my girls, for spending it with me.  Your company keeps me sane when I feel like I’m going to explode. love you.
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Because! That’s why! Actually, someone gave me a couple of Rachid Taha’s songs, and I have recently aquired the albums they’re from.  He is all kinds of awesome. Truly. I love him.  Is he my hero? Well, I’ve kind of only just discovered him, and I’m not very knowledgable about him yet, so no. He might be, one day.  I’m slack with this hero thing right? Are you surprised? It’s not because I don’t have heroes, it’s a little because most of you aren’t even commenting!  Which totally deflates my huge ego.  Have you no idea?  Also, it feels kind of, like I’m being a crawly bumlick. So, I’m stopping.  Unless someone does something truly exceptional which makes me go “OMG U’R LIEK ME HEROZ LAWLZ”.

I’m going to talk about dance again.  Are you very bored already?  The truth is, I’m extremely proud of myself. I have classes and a private in which to learn this dance, and do you know what? I kind of have learned it. I KNOW! I’m blissing today.  We did it with no mirror, and then facing away…facing away was a little trickier, but the other two practices, I was only slow on two parts. And I know what they are. The rest of it, I am kind of rocking.  I have no idea how I managed to do it, because I have been utterly terrified of this choreography. It is a drum solo, and full of very hard accent moves and turns…oh my god the turns. There are so many turns!  I am not the world’s best turner.  It took me years…literally, to be able to turn in circles without getting dizzy and falling over.  Even spotting didn’t help.  And this dance is spin after spin after spin and then, spin the other way and pop your chest, and drop your pelvis and shimmy on a hip slide!

It’s the cutest dance ever. One of the other girls videoed us, and apart from my face of horror and concentration, I was pretty damn good!  I know I’m doing the face of horror and concentration, because I’m still counting in my head and hoping that I haven’t got the wrong part of the dance in my mind and remembering which foot to step on and how to do it with a three quarter down shimmy.  But do you know what internet?  I am very confident that by the time we dance it in the first week of July – I’m not thinking about how soon that actually is – I will be ready! READY!!  It’s a very challenging choreography, which the other dancers keep saying too. And considering the X amount of weeks they have had to get ready and dance it, I am so proud of me that I could pop.

So I am rocking out tonight, to Rachid Taha, and considering very carefully about influencing Miss Yellow into dancing to one of his songs with me. They are a little on the long side though, which is the only thing. I think his shortest songs – which are also his coolest ones, are like 5 minutes 30, and six minutes long.  I’m entertaining tomorrow night. Ollie is running around in a flap going “are you dancing? Are you GOING TO BE DANCING IN MY HOUSE?!?  WHERE WILL I KILL THINGS?!”  And threatening to clear out the dining room – which is where I spend my entire life, since it is also where the computer is.  The dining/living area is sort of open plan. There are glass doors which can separate lounge from dining, which I think will come in handy during teenage years. We shut them in there on Aleeya’s birthday and covered the floor in mattresses and they seemed perfectly happy. It meant we had a little quiet, and I still had beloved computer. *pets him*

On another note, I haven’t entertained in my house for a few months. I think I need to tidy up a little bit. Ollie is supposed to be doing his ironing. Do you think he is? NO! He’s killing things. Brutally, by the way.  And I am forced to let him do this, because he came home from work at 1pm and stacked the new lot of wood we had delivered while I…ahem..uh…while I roleplayed. *meek look* I know.  I am terrible!  I did make him lunch and I bought him a Mars Bar AND I made a very delicious beef stew.  I performed my wifely duties and he played the big man. That’s how it’s supposed to be, right? Don’t be giving me any of this ‘liberated woman’ thing. I did feminism at University. Back when it was still called feminism! And I choose to be a girly girl who dances and doesn’t cut wood thank you very much.  My lecturers would be appalled.  Let’s not mention Gor, shall we?  Okay, let’s not.

My brother had a terrible accident yesterday.  Please think positive thoughts about him.  He broke both bones in his leg and has to have metal plates put in it. He already broke his ankle years ago and has pins in that which have given him a lot of trouble for the past 15 or so years. He slid on a patch of ice and went into a parked trailer. Mum said his face is pretty badly bruised and that he might have broken his nose as well.  I can’t imagine how much it must hurt. Poor Johnny.

Dance Into The Light

I know, I know, I keep missing days. I suck, it’s true, but it’s very hard to think up 30 heroes. I’m making it a little easier on myself. And I’m still blogging, right? So this is a good thing.

I do have a lot of heroes, it’s just, I’m never entirely sure what to say about them.  Today I’m going to tell you about one of my dance heroes.  I’m not sure she’ll want me to tell you her name, although she has commented and used it. So maybe it’s okay, just incase it isn’t, I shall be stealthy and not!

Anywayyy, I met this woman 8 years ago, god, could it really be that long? I can’t believe how fast the years go by. It was my first dance teacher’s class and she was teaching an 8 week section on Milaya Leff – which is still one of my most favourite dance styles. I so love Miyala Leff, I love everything about it. It’s beautiful and cheeky and very delicious. So, there was me, and two other very new dancers, and then two tall and strikingly gorgeous dance teachers from another school.  I was about 4 months into my dancing, and absolutely intimidated as soon as they showed up. My original dance teacher is all about improvisation – which to this day, I still loathe. And we had to do so much improvisation that it just wasn’t funny. The worst thing was, these two could actually -dance- and the three of us, were totally floundering and out of our depth. I’m a very shy person – I know that’s hard to believe, but I really am – with certain things and people anyway, and having to try to dance when we had only learned the very first basic steps, was absolutely horrifying! I know I should love and embrace improv, because belly dance is supposed to be about improvising to music, but I do so love a good choreography, I just do. I like structure, it gives me hope.

So there we were, terrified newbies and wonderful teachers, and they were so very encouraging and lovely.  They really were.  I find it so hard not to talk about people without using their names, sorry Brigid.  Hee!  I’ve taken classes with Brigid for several years, on and off, because her class is Wednesday night, and when winter hits, I struggle to get out of bed, let alone out of the house.  Brigid is one of those people that lights up a room. I don’t even know if she realises she does it.  She’s really quite delicious. I’ve been getting to know her on a personal level via this internet thing for several years and I’m really touched that she lets me read her. We have had a few social occasions together, and I’ve really loved every one of them.

Why is she my hero? She’s an astounding dancer, she’s very beautiful to watch, and her smile is so engaging that you just can’t help but want to smile back. She’s an amazing teacher, extremely understanding, she pushes, but she doesn’t do it in a way that makes you feel overwhelmed. Her knowledge is out of this world, and she just gives off this amazing presence. Sometimes I’m a little intimidated still, but it’s only because I admire her.  I really do. You’re very awesome, and I promise, the intimidation is barely there anymore.

Brigid spent weeks giving me private lessons so that I could catch up with the rest of the class in a choreography they’d all learned and performed, but which I was brand new at. She was patient and encouraging, and I found it very easy to pick it up.   She is always willing to impart her knowledge, in anything.  Conversation with her is so delicious.  I admire her greatly. I’m very glad to be able to call her a friend, and I really hope that no matter where she ends up, I’ll still be able to call her one.  She has definitely enriched my life by being in it. She’s one of those people who dresses gorgeously, holds herself well and oozes confidence. She’s strong and independent, and I’m sure that sometimes she certainly doesn’t feel that way, but she definitely enters my hero list.

If I could be her when I grow up, I would.

When It Rains

It really rains! In fact, today is the first day I have seen the sun for a long time. It’s hiding behind the clouds again right now, but for the most part, there has been blue sky and sun. For at least the past seven days – I really have lost count – it has been cold and dark and raining.  The whole neighbourhood has had flooding around it and has been totally miserable. The house has been impossible to warm up and we’re going to have to order new wood soon!  It’s not even June yet!  Crazy! I don’t remember it being this cold last year.

I haven’t done a lot to be honest. Just dance, a little crafting – which I totally suck at, by the way. I keep meaning to go and get some proper glue and some more paper or something, from a craft shop, but forgetting. I will though, it’s a long weekend this weekend, although knowing Ollie, he’ll still be working on Saturday anyway, but it will be nice to have him for two days instead of just one. I’m over this extra working thing already. Although, I guess we need the money right now, so I can’t really complain.

Dance is going well. I think.  There are two groups, because the class is quite large. When the other group is in front, I’m fine because I can follow the other girl who is in my position. But when we’re swapped to the front, I have no idea what I’m doing. It’s frightening really. I know the moves, I just don’t really know the dance yet.  But we have some time on Wednesdays to practice – the girls are taking part in the KidsFest show that the school is putting on, so they’re learning a short choreography on Wednesday afternoons. I’m not sure how well they’ll go, since it’s been over a year since they danced…but they’re excited, so we’ll see.  Anyway, two of the dancers from my group – including the one I am paired with will be there, so we can practice.  I also booked in for a private. I think that will help me a lot.

My costume will be red and green. I’m going to be a Christmas dancer. But I think that will be okay. Otherwise I need to buy 6 metres of satin and apparently we’re wearing gloves too…it’s all very pricey. So red and green it is! I’m a little worried to be honest. I really haven’t danced in a year myself, and while I know I can do it…I just feel so…out of practice.  I am also a little premenstrual.  It’s just starting to hit me today…strange.  I feel a little strange.

God Put A Smile Upon Your Face

Or upon mine. Either way, there’s a smile.

I’m being slack again! I’m not entirely sure why either. Not a lot is going on, to be fair, and yet, quite a lot is!  Nothing really news worthy I don’t think.

I’m back at dance class, and it’s so good. I’m going in the morning, and I love it. It’s a big class, and the dance is all kinds of hard, but I really love it! I’m not practicing as much as I know I should fact, I’m barely practicing at all, but I’m sort of getting there. I mean, I can keep up with the rest of them, and considering I’ve only done two classes and they have already finished the entire dance, I think I’m doing pretty damn well actually! I’m the kind of person who needs to do it a lot of times with everyone else, so that I know what I’m doing, before I start practicing without people. Because, otherwise, I practice things completely wrong, and end up confusing myself, terribly.  That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it!  It is true though, really.

I am also going to dance with a friend of mine – without any help from teachers! Okay, we might be dancing with a woman who was a dance teacher, but we’re just going to pretend that it’s done all by us. Which it is! It just so happens that one of us is, you know, a dance teacher!  Anyway, I’m really excited about it! I’ve never choreographed my own dance, although I did start once. And I keep telling myself I will. I have this dance in my head that I want to do with the girls to the Numa Numa song. Shutup!  It’s hilarious, and it would be SO CUTE!  Also, I know that’s not it’s name, but spelling out the proper name is too hard, and everyone knows it as the Numa Numa song. I even started looking at costumes for it. I totally have them organised. I just haven’t done the choreographing. I should.  Maybe I will later when I’m not attempting to learn a drum solo and a new dance. Maybe having input in this dance, will inspire me further!  I am fairly dance inspired right now though, it’s so good to be dancing again!

Ollie has a new game, it’s more death and carnage, and he’s in there scaring himself to death playing it. Horrible alien things keep running around corners and dropping from the roof at him when he least expects it.  It’s very well done actually, but I can’t tell you how bored I am with that freaking xbox!!! Anyway, it keeps him entertained.

What else!? We went to the beach today, and it was so beautiful!  This time we went to New Brighton, which isn’t my favourite beach, but today it was perfection. The sun was glorious, there was very little wind, and the sea was as cold as ice!  Honestly, it was brutal!  It was so cold that my feet ached!  And do you think I got out? No!  I wish you could have seen Siobhan.  She was like a puppy.  Over excited and delicious.  She was jumping around the place and running madly through the sea.  We played that game – creep up on Grandma?  That’s what the girls called it anyway, one person stands at a distance and the rest of you try to sneak up on them without them seeing you move.  Siobhan went first. She was hilarious!  We’d get maybe two steps before she’d turn around shrieking.  She was so amusing, that we had a woman stop and take a whole succession of photos of us right until we finally caught Siobhan.  It was so adorable!  Speaking of photos, yes there are millions.

We walked for about two hours. The beach just goes on and on.  It was one of the most stunning days ever. The pier was gorgeous, the sea was rough as anything.  It would sweep up unexpectedly and rush away so fast that I almost fell over more than once. It made me dizzy! I couldn’t believe how cold it was. Of course, it’s almost winter, and the snow is very heavy on the mountains right now, but still!

I Don’t Know About You…

But I am usually one of those really graceful people who always manage to save themselves before complete devastation, pain and embarrassment.  Occasionally, I will slip and twist my ankle a bit, and recover only to resume the graceful act of walking, as if nothing has ever happened.  I don’t often fall over, and I barely ever hurt myself.  Besides hitting my head on cupboard doors, slamming fingers in them, or burning myself cooking.

But last night, that all changed. It did!  I had such a great dance class, it was a small group and we did loads of drilling, which let me tell you, after a year of very little dance at all?  I definitely need the drilling.  I really wasn’t too out of control when we finally put those movements together and danced them to the music.  I have loads of work to do, obviously, but I was pretty okay with myself, considering how little I’ve danced and how hard these steps are!!! Good god with the footwork!

So it finished and I’m blissful and happy and perfectly okay, and I’m leaving the studio – alone thank god! And I’m thinking to myself “this staircase really is dark..” and then I hear a ruckus outside and I am momentarily distracted by it.  Enough so that I misjuded how many steps there were to the bottom, and missed the last one.  I’m falling, and I’m thinking “I am falling! OH MY GOD NO!”  So I be all very graceful about it and manage to somehow not twist my ankle and break it, but hit the ground with my toes, which twist my ankle inwards, and pull some weird muscle or ligament, or something that runs from big toe all along the inside of my foot upto the inner side of my ankle.  It hurt and I sat there for a moment in AGONY going “oh noes! This is not cool!  Ow ow oww..” And I am too proud and too easily ashamed to continue sitting there, so bravely, I get to my feet and I test my weight on it and it seems okay, so I leave.

I got to the car and it’s my left foot, and since we have an automatic, I don’t have to use that foot at all. So driving was fine. Ollie made me icepack it when I got home, which was not fun, but for the rest of the night, it really wasn’t that sore at all.  So I went to bed and this morning?  Internet.  It is KILLING ME!  It’s really painful. It hurts a lot if I try to move my big toe or flex my foot.  But I can walk on it, and it never swelled up.  I’m guessing that means it’s perfectly fine. Or, will be soon. Right?

Honestly, how can I practice dancing if I cannot use my foot?  It’s ridiculous!  I’m so unimpressed.  I never hurt myself, so when I do, I’m all “holy shit! I think I’m going to need my foot amputated!” No bruising, no swelling…I think I’ll live.  Right?

Brimful of Asha

Do I look like I know what that means?  I have no idea. I chose a random song from the many thousands that I have on iTunes and that, internet, was it.  It’s pretty rockin’ actually. I shall have to add it to the feel good playlist *does so*. It’s on Fatboy Slim’s Greatest Hits – if you’re curious. Which you should be, because you all know that I have awesome taste. It’s true! Also, according to this song, everybody needs a bosom for a pillow. Now you really want it, don’t lie!

I went out last night. Shock HORROR!  I know! We had a girl’s night out, and we went to The Loons in Lyttleton – which is another city! Well, I’m not sure you could call Lyttleton a city, it is however, a really precious town that I love and is on the opposite side of the mountain which separates it from Christchurch. You have to drive through an insanely long tunnel to get there.  Did any of you ever watch The Frighteners?  It’s a Peter Jackson film, it’s really old now and had you know..the guy from Family Ties in it.  And Back to the Future. Oh alright, I’m googling!  Michael J Fox!  Actually, it came to me as soon as I decided to google.  Anyway, the point is, Lyttleton was where some of the film was set.  It’s so luscious.  We went to watch the Belly Dance show there, and I was blown away. I really was.

It was by far one of the best shows I’ve seen in a long time.  It was totally inspiring and delicious. Some of my favourite dancers performed, some new dancers I’d never seen and a guest dancer who blew my mind and almost made me weep.  She was gorgeous and stunning and I would have watched her perform for the entire night if I could have.  They did a fabulous job, it was great from start to finish, and I had a really great time.  You know what’s weird though?  I can’t dance.  It’s really strange, I used to be such a fantastic dancer, I’d dance until my feet were sore, and then I’d dance some more.  You know, right until the clubs closed and they kicked us out at 3am.  But now, random nightclub dancing and me?  We’re not friends.  I have no idea what I’m doing and my body goes “uh, hello? This sort of dance was beaten out of you when you decided to become a BELLY DANCER!”  I’m completely un-co.  It’s embarrassing!

Anyway, the show was awesome, and I loved that our girls night included the most delicious dancer IN THE WORLD who also happens to be a boy, and gloriously gay.  You should have seen his dance!  He’s fabulous.  And conversations with him rock my world.  He always has something to contribute.  No matter what topic you discuss, he’s right there with you and I love him for it.  As always, he brought the house down. He is one of the most amazing belly dancers ever.  He has serious talent, and I am green with the dancer envy.  As does one of the other women with us’ daughter.  Lord that girl can dance.  She did a piece to The Noose by A Perfect Circle?  And I may have almost wept at it’s beauty.  Stunning.  Truly.  I am awed and inspired and must start dancing every second of the day now.  Are you believing me?  It will be just like my writing!  *Kelly, procrastinates until the very last moment, but has absolutely the best intentions ever!*

I got home to find the house rocking.  It really was.  I fought my way past the heavy curtains and my eardrums exploded with the sound of massive gunfire.  It’s double points weekend for COD on xbox!  Oliver had been blissfully killing people all weekend.  ALL WEEKEND!  He’d put the kids to bed and turned the television up loud enough to bring World War II to our living room.  He didn’t even hear me come in.  I could have been the P Jesus who is apparently stalking the city and killing people!  Actually, we were pretty sure he was sitting behind us in the Loons, looking rather, P Jesus like and leering at us over the top of his beer.  I could have fired my own gun and killed my husband without him even knowing.  I can see it now, Oliver turning around and aiming the red xbox controller in a frenzy wondering why he will.not.die.  Oh true, not a real gun.  P Jesus WIN!  Oliver..LOSE.

It’s been hideously cold today. And last night actually. We’ve had the fire going all day.  I don’t like the change of seasons. It always feels like we haven’t had enough summer.  Summer gets shorter and shorter every year.  Apparently, just like me.

Ah! My Back!

Actually, it’s not sore anymore, but it almost was!  Until we stretched like fiends and I came home with that glorious blissful feeling of having done something good. What the hell am I talking about?  I went back to dance class tonight. I should have gone last week, instead of making fangirl graphics and drinking red wine…but you know, sometimes it’s really difficult to prise myself away from photoshop, particularly when photoshop and I are having a really good time together and everything I’m making actually looks fairly okay!

Anyway, I went back and it was so good.  The dance we’re learning is like a Latin fusiony bellydance thing with footwork that makes my brain fizzle and a speed that is, quite simply, inhuman.  Who can dance that fast while spinning in INSANE circles that make no sense at all because your hips are circling in the complete opposite direction to the way your supposed to move your feet and somehow look stunningly gorgeous and effortless and wonderful?  I got dizzy.  I did.  More than once.  But I wasn’t alone in my frustration, which is good.  Because I like to have at least one other person with an annoyed look on their face going “Look, I just don’t -get- it!”  While I just twirl and go “OHMYGOD!” and “what the hell?”  and sometimes “I might be..maybe…no okay, I am…absolutely TERRIFIED!”  Thank god we apparently have a really long time to learn it.  I can tell already, that it’s going to be utterly gorgeous. And that will make all the pain and weeping and misery worth it.  It will.

I’m not really doing as much writing as I promised I’d be doing. Although, I did get another really interesting email today, this time from the NaWriMo people suggesting that we take on the supermassive enormous task of writing a 100 page movie script.  I was tempted, for a mere second.  Movie script?  Really?  No. I don’t think I’m that brave just yet.  Maybe not ever actually. Movie script?  He tempted me with things like “the writing out of conversations really helped me develop conversations that were plot saturated for my books!”  and I was very intrigued. I am not so good at conversations. I can do feelings, and metaphors and similies and descriptions until the cows come home, but my characters are all very conversationally deficient, I think.  Maybe I should work on that aspect actually.  Maybe, I should start making my characters converse instead of smoulder and seethe and be full of angst and pain.  It’s definitely a good idea, I think.

I don’t know what else to tell you tonight.  Remind me to tell you what a slack mother I am tomorrow.  I’m not telling you, unless my diabolical plan actually works though. I’m not!  If it doesn’t work, it’s not going to be spoken of! Although, from the looks of things, I have turned into an every second day blogger.  That’s good though right? I mean, it’s still routine.  I’ll get back into this if it kills me. Or you.  Or maybe, the both of us.