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What am I doing?! Not a lot internet. Not a lot at all.  Nothing particularly interesting. It’s all been about settling in here, finding our feet, working out routines, trying to figure out how to be a full time writer and actually, you know…writing.

That’s been quite hard, because things have not been as exciting here as first imagined they’d be. Life is pretty much the same as ever, except the ground here is solid and unmoving which makes a lovely change.

My book is currently with my editor and instead of writing other things, I’ve been reading and procrastinating. I also got myself a part time job at Ollie’s cousins dessert restaurant, which is amazing, full on and a lot of very scary fun. It’s nice to do something different and see other faces.

Hopefully we’ll settle into a proper routine some time soon, because that’s my biggest problem really. No real routine. Eight months on, we’re still figuring it all out. I do have to say, Australian winters are amazing. It’s cold here, but cold in the sense that you need to put on a jersey. I’m not sure that this place understands what frost is. It has certainly never heard of snow. Thank god!

It does however, know what rain is. Rainy Australian days are the most beautiful days in the world. I love them so much.

Our lovely little house turns out to be not so lovely after all however. Too hot in summer, too cold now it’s winter. Our loft sucks for sleeping…it’s very disappointing on quite a few levels. I really, really miss having a proper bedroom. We’ll be moving again at the end of the year. I guess this knowledge sort of ends up making it feel very impermanent here. Like we’re just waiting until the real stuff starts.

I had a lot of hopes and dreams for our move here, and so far things just haven’t worked out that way. I keep being promised that they will – eventually, and I’m so tired of that word. Still, the eventually’s always do work out in the end. Eventually we were going to leave Christchurch – we did. Eventually we’d start doing things we wanted to – we are. Eventually, we’d travel – we did. Eventually we’d make a new start in a new country – we are.

Eventually, things will sort themselves out, and those eventually’s will turn into now’s.

Eventually. *sigh*

Waiting for the Miracle (or some cool weather..which would be a miracle)

I really wanted to update more than once a month, but it’s just so HOT here internet.

The room we have the computers in is the hottest room in the house, which means that if I am out here for any length of time, all I’m really doing is wilting and looking at pretty things instead of being creative and thoughtful and writing!

Speaking of writing, that has come to a little bit of a halt. Obviously moving countries has given me reason to be lax. Terry Brooks says it the best really: “Fiction writing is a twenty-four-hour-a-day occupation. You never leave your work behind. It is always with you, and to some extent, you are always thinking about it. You don’t take your work home; your work never leaves home. It lives inside you. It resides and grows and comes alive in your mind.”

This is pretty much exactly where I’m at right now. I have been writing notes and thinking up plots and fixing the holes in my head, but I haven’t actually written anything yet. It’s so hot! Hot hot hot! And when it’s not hot, you get this little moment of pure pleasure where you go “let’s go out!”

We are doing a lot of things here at the moment. Starting new routines, becoming better at cooking, eating, shopping and living. It’s gone past the holiday stage but not completely. We are still sort of figuring out what it is we’re all about in this new country, and finding the cohabitation with large bugs and HUGE SPIDERS all a bit overwhelming really.

In saying that though, Siobhan and I are back to dancing, and really loving it! We are being very challenged which is great, and have a beautiful and inspiring group of people to dance with. We are hyped and even go on the super hot days when we’re likely to die. Which is pretty much exactly what I did this week.

I am however, determined to get my fitness levels back up to something. Anything!

It’s a very long story, the short of which is that stress and unhappiness and quakes and almost losing my husband along with just normal day to day life crept up and kicked me in the arse. I put on a LOT of weight and stopped looking after myself. Actually, if I’m going to be honest, I haven’t looked after myself in YEARS. I dieted on chocolate and coffee and lost 10kgs. But ruined my health in the process. I was tired and weak and my last doctors visit announced that my normalcy of low blood pressure was well and truly gone. I had high blood pressure and cholesterol and have become insulin resistant.

This has been pretty devastating for me, but I have no one to blame but myself. And my first instinct was to throw a complete childish paddy and eat everything and anything in sight. Which meant I piled on the 10kgs I lost again and felt even worse. The moving business didn’t really help. In those last few months, we ate a lot of take aways and fast foods, and I wondered and lamented and wailed and gnashed my teeth wondering why I’d put on all this weight, and bitching about how life wasn’t fair.

It’s taken me a few months to admit to myself that it’s my own damn fault and to face up to the consequences like the adult I strive hard not to be. The past three weeks have been hell. I have been slowly trying to repair this damage, and making choices that contradict a lifetime of bad habits. It’s been hard, but I’m getting there, slowly. People always say “you didn’t put on that weight overnight, you won’t lose it overnight”.  The truth is though, you always feel like you DID put it on overnight, and when it doesn’t just come off over night, it can be really demoralising.

Exercising in this heat is something else. Today I had sweat literally pouring off me. Running down my back! I do not like to sweat at all, but despite all my inner protests I did it, and 44 minutes later was on the floor doing ab and back work.

Yeah, I’m proud and showing off.

I feel a lot better than I ever have. Particularly now that my withdrawls over lack of salt and sugar have worn off. I no longer really crave chips or chocolate. I never, ever thought I’d say that. Ever!

So, I hope that you’ll forgive me my lack of actual writing right now. I am reading a TON of books and keeping up with writerly type things, and considering attending a full day writing workshop coming up in March, and definitely, definitely still living in my world with my characters and planning their next moves. They are far from forgotten.

I have also become a lot more confident with driving a GINORMOUS car we’re borrowing from family in this GINORMOUS (don’t even laugh – there’s a million more people here than there were in Christchurch, it’s HUGE) city…AND I have a bike, which I totally adore, and I know where the library is.

So if my husband does not get his arse off that computer chair next to mine and get out to work, I will leave him behind for the glorious, and air conditioned deliciousness of our local library.

God. Why aren’t I there right now?


Reading Is Sexy

I’ve been really struggling to figure out what to write in here lately. There’s a lot of reasons for this, some to do with the fact that whenever I do, whenever I just sit and open up and write what’s in my head, someone crazy enters my life, and I’m tired of dealing with crazies. I have enough of my own crazy to deal with, I don’t need extras! And so I come here and draw a complete blank and have no clue what to write!

Some is to do with the fact that I just haven’t been writing anything, anywhere for such a long time now, that I’m just completely out of practice. I think about starting, and just give up and play the Sims 3, or my new acquisition, Diablo 3!

Actually, that’s not entirely true. I’ve been far too busy to write! I’ve been far too busy to even think! I’ve just finished teaching recently, and am in the process of grading zombie films – you’re all jealous, I know. You should be jealous! My students are freakin’ amazing!! And, about a million and one incredible short stories that they have written for me.

That doesn’t leave a lot of time for much else, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way, either, because it has been so rewarding watching them grow, and growing myself too. They have taught me so much and I had an absolute blast working with them.

Today is the second day of the school holidays though, it’s cold and raining, the world outside is grey and dark and I have just finished writing reports. It’s time to get back into the world of daily writing, so here I am! I’ve been bemoaning the fact that I have nothing to write about for awhile now, to anyone who will listen. It’s nuts really, because I actually have LOADS of things I could talk about, but I am suffering from a sense of inadequacy and I feel totally boring, so I’m going to do what a very kind friend suggested, and write using writing prompts.

The one I’ve chosen today is “What Are You Reading?”

I like this one, because I haven’t had a lot of time to read lately either, but I try to make the time and I have this huge and neverending list of books to read. I also have a Kindle. Good lord internet! I love my Kindle! I really do. I also just keep buying more and more books. I was trying to cull my massive collection, but the more I get rid of, the more spaces I see to fill up with new books, and the more I end up buying. *sigh*

Anyway, it was recently suggested to me, by a student, that I should read Robin Hobb’s series of books. So I found them for Kindle and have just started the second book. I’m definitely hooked! I love her style of writing. I’m a huge fan of the protagonist, and his affinity for animals, and her way of writing them just captures my heart. They are filled with just the right amount of intrigue and mystery, and I love the world she’s created.

I had never heard of Robin Hobb before, and despite my growing list of books I must read, I needed more fantasy in my life, and I am definitely not disappointed.

I’m also reading The Canterbury Tales, by Chaucer. These are really great, but I do find them quite hard and am reading about two at a time, in between other books, so it’s taking me awhile. I thought they’d be harder to understand…although they are certainly hard enough! And they’re nothing like I expected either. I certainly didn’t expect them to be humorous. I did not expect him to write about farting! I’m glad I started them. I love how beautiful the language is, and I would really love to listen to it being spoken. It’s beautiful to read, but like Shakespeare, I think the true beauty is in listening to it being spoken they way it should be heard.

I’m trying to read as much as possible lately, in the hopes that my creativity will be sparked back to life and I’ll start to write my own stuff again. I did last school holidays. Someone died in my book, and I got one step closer to having that first draft finished. There’s still a way to go yet though, and I have so many ideas on how to fix it up and get rid of the boring bits that turned me off writing it in the first place, that I know it won’t take long before I’m back into it again. Also, I have the most glorious computer now to write on.

I am sitting in my warm lounge, under a blanket, with my big ginger boy cat curled up beside me purring like an engine and typing on it right this very second. It has that gorgeous new computer smell, which I love just as much as I love the smell of new (and old) books. It is sleek and light, and very slender. It’s the perfect machine to take out with me and to sit some place nice and warm and different and just immerse myself in my writing with.

On the weekend, we went to Armageddon and listened to Christopher Paolini speak. He was really inspiring and filled me with hope. Siobhan got his latest book signed. He was sweet and really professional, and I was impressed with how well he handled the crushing crowd, because they were rude and pushy. I liked a lot of what he had to say, and it’s made me think about ways to improve my own writing. I love meeting other writers. They’re my rock Gods. 🙂

And with that, I’ll leave you with this awesome quote I found the other day.

you really are

I’m gonna say it out loud. Every day. 🙂


Nobody’s Fault But Mine

Hi internet!

I’ve been absent again. I’m not sure what to tell you about that. Things are going pretty well, I’m just completely riddled with writer’s block. Or maybe it’s internet block. I have slowly but surely begun to clean out almost everything that interested me online, and now no longer does. This means, fortunately or unfortunately – depending on where you’re sitting I suppose, that I’m finished with the internet in very little time at all. I just don’t have the desire to be online. It could be, because the sun is finally coming out, and while it is still extremely cool out there, the sun is hard to resist.

I’m doing a lot of reading, a lot of going out with family and friends, a lot of thinking. It’s really nice, but it’s not helping me figure out what to say when I get back here. The good thing is, I have a book in the works.  I know…it’s a miracle right? I think that’s what it is. I’m torn up with thinking about characters, and plot and how to fit it all together.  I’m getting very close to having something that I think will be pretty cool.  But it takes up my time. It eats into my creativity and I just don’t really feel like doing anything else, except playing cheesy facebook games, and conversing with friends. This has limited me somewhat.  It’s caused a few fights and a few sore ego’s…but in the end, it always comes out on top. Friendship lasts. Sometimes we forget that I think.  I hate fighting. I really do.

So I’m researching right now, and I’m very caught up in my own head. I’m neglecting other things, but it’s for my own good. This is what I want to do, and if I’m going to do it, then I’m going to do it right. I have a few other work related things on my mind. So I’m very occupied with thoughts and worries and concerns, and needs. It makes me a bad friend, turns me very insular, and withdrawn from other things. But it’s not for any other reason than that, I need to start contributing somehow. I’m still not sure how to ‘sell’ a book.  What to do with it once it’s written.  Not that I’m near the writing stage just yet. I thought I’d write my first 50,000 in November for NaNoWriMo, and spend the time leading up to there, fleshing out my ideas, giving my characters a world and learning some background history so that I can make it a little more realistic.  I’m excited, I really am.  It’s coming together in my head, very nicely.  The problem is, it’s when I get into bed and away from everything else, that I really start getting my ideas.

To be fair, we’ve been watching a lot of movies with the kids, and without them.  It’s nice and mind numbing, and I’ve really needed that too.  There’s so much going on in my head, it’s hard to concentrate for long, on any one thing. But I’m making slow progress.  And I’m really starting to get excited about it. I’m having to give up a lot of my free time, and step into lesser roles online, but I really don’t mind so much. I like not roleplaying every day, I like having my days to myself, I like where things are going in my head.  So that’s where I am internet!  I miss those of you I don’t get to see or hear from as often though, and I keep saying it, but I will continue to blog. And maybe now that I have a book in my head, I will have something to tell you about.  Although, I’m sort of hesitant, to tell you much.  I’ll share pieces. You can tell me if it’s any good.

Much love, always.

I’ll Write You A New Life…

Guess how much I’ve written?

I’m not telling you. I should start doing it though.  Oh, that just gave away the fact that I’ve written nothing, didn’t it!? Whoops!  Okay, so I haven’t started yet. I really need a better idea. I keep over analysing the one I have in my head right now, which is probably the wrong thing to do, because if I just started writing, it would be good, or if not good, it would at least be a start. Right?  Right.

Anyway, I’ve been doing lots of on the sidelines writing, you know, otherwise called “roleplay”. Which is terrible of me, but I can’t say no.  Even though, one of my tag lines is “Just Say No”. You’d think I’d take my own advice and say no, don’t you? But I DON’T! And do you know why?  A lot of reasons actually, most of them revolve around the fact that I seriously love creating stories with other people, and that, I have some really amazing storytellers amongst my small group of players.  It’s really nice. The last couple of weeks in particular, have been extremely fun.  I’m very lucky to be surrounded by people who care and who want to write with me.

It’s difficult to explain the concept of online roleplay to people who don’t do it. It seems like an odd thing to do, and more than that, kind of nerdy. I’m quite proud of my nerdiness though, so I will admit, roleplaying online is all kinds of nerdy. Depending on what sort of roleplay you do. Mine isn’t nerdy at all. No, really…I don’t have any nerdy characters, although, I do have a spot open…perhaps that’s what he could be! I like that idea. Wait, I guess a couple of them are slightly nerdy on the side.  I’m sidetracking myself. Do you know, I find it really difficult to talk about roleplay without feeling like a complete computer nerd?  Finethen! I give in to my inner dork.  Hello internet, my name is Kelly and I am an online roleplay nerd! My skin is white and pasty and while I don’t wear glasses, I do have braces.  OHMYGOD! i’m totally a computer nerd!

Actually, years and years ago, something happened to our computer, and Ollie was taking it to the shop we bought it from to get them to look at it, and some guy yelled out “COMPUTER NERD!” at him.  I have to point out, the guy who yelled it?  Yeah, he was in the computer store’s parking lot.  I still love that!  Can’t you see my husband with a computer under his arm, trudging towards the store and being assaulted by some huge rugby head – in the carpark going “computer nerd!”  Maybe it’s a private joke. The truth is, we’re both fairly bad, but I apparently am worse, because I sit and write out entire character lives on this thing.

And do you know what? I totally love it. I find it utterly interesting, and I love to see other people’s characters develop, be broken and slowly piece themselves back together again.  I love to see how people shift their storylines when someone else’s characters disappear, and how they spring back and find new plot twists, new drama’s, new loves and losses and triumphs and failures.  We’ve got some really great storylines going right now.  And even more in the works. I wish solo writing was this easy…but solo writing requires discipline and time away from the rest of the world, which I am finding incredibly difficult to turn away from right now.  I totally enjoy the interactions, and the friendships I’ve made with people.

I’m thoroughly intrigued by how things manifest.  By group dynamics and shifts in friendships.  It’s very intense and sometimes overwhelming. I think that’s really my favourite part of online roleplay.  People sharing themselves. Your writing is so very personal, your style, your ideas and your creativity.  It’s all so very individual and interesting. I’ve watched people grow and change and find their creative voices and I can’t help feeling really good about what they’re creating, and what they’re helping me create too.  Roleplayers are a strange and interesting group of people.  Once they’ve found a group they fit with, they stay, and they’re very loyal, for the most part.  They’re also very serious.  But more than that, they’re totally amazing. They make me laugh every day.  They are some of my very best friends in the whole world. And funnily enough, they’re all over the world…so, when I say that, it’s actually true.

Most of them, I have never even heard speak. Some of them, I’ve seen photos of. Some of them, I’ve seen via webcamera, some of them, I really wish lived closer – yes you.  You! That’s right. Come over and drink tea with me!  Not sleepy tea, I’ve decided, sleepy tea is the bane of my timezone existance! No more sleepy tea, no more missing afternoon naps so you can’t stay up all night with me.  None of that!  You must be on call for me, 24/7 because that’s how it rolls yo’. I can’t live without my daily 12 hour fix of stalkerism and harrassment.  I can’t live a vile and hateful existance, without your constant praise and support.  But anyway, despite that fact, I still feel like we know each other, in a way that you sometimes don’t even know the friends you do regularly have coffee with, well, apart from the ones who are willing to give you their everything.  And to be fair, I do expect that of my friends.  Their everything. I’m selfish and expectant that way, but in return, I’ll give you that too.


Brimful of Asha

Do I look like I know what that means?  I have no idea. I chose a random song from the many thousands that I have on iTunes and that, internet, was it.  It’s pretty rockin’ actually. I shall have to add it to the feel good playlist *does so*. It’s on Fatboy Slim’s Greatest Hits – if you’re curious. Which you should be, because you all know that I have awesome taste. It’s true! Also, according to this song, everybody needs a bosom for a pillow. Now you really want it, don’t lie!

I went out last night. Shock HORROR!  I know! We had a girl’s night out, and we went to The Loons in Lyttleton – which is another city! Well, I’m not sure you could call Lyttleton a city, it is however, a really precious town that I love and is on the opposite side of the mountain which separates it from Christchurch. You have to drive through an insanely long tunnel to get there.  Did any of you ever watch The Frighteners?  It’s a Peter Jackson film, it’s really old now and had you know..the guy from Family Ties in it.  And Back to the Future. Oh alright, I’m googling!  Michael J Fox!  Actually, it came to me as soon as I decided to google.  Anyway, the point is, Lyttleton was where some of the film was set.  It’s so luscious.  We went to watch the Belly Dance show there, and I was blown away. I really was.

It was by far one of the best shows I’ve seen in a long time.  It was totally inspiring and delicious. Some of my favourite dancers performed, some new dancers I’d never seen and a guest dancer who blew my mind and almost made me weep.  She was gorgeous and stunning and I would have watched her perform for the entire night if I could have.  They did a fabulous job, it was great from start to finish, and I had a really great time.  You know what’s weird though?  I can’t dance.  It’s really strange, I used to be such a fantastic dancer, I’d dance until my feet were sore, and then I’d dance some more.  You know, right until the clubs closed and they kicked us out at 3am.  But now, random nightclub dancing and me?  We’re not friends.  I have no idea what I’m doing and my body goes “uh, hello? This sort of dance was beaten out of you when you decided to become a BELLY DANCER!”  I’m completely un-co.  It’s embarrassing!

Anyway, the show was awesome, and I loved that our girls night included the most delicious dancer IN THE WORLD who also happens to be a boy, and gloriously gay.  You should have seen his dance!  He’s fabulous.  And conversations with him rock my world.  He always has something to contribute.  No matter what topic you discuss, he’s right there with you and I love him for it.  As always, he brought the house down. He is one of the most amazing belly dancers ever.  He has serious talent, and I am green with the dancer envy.  As does one of the other women with us’ daughter.  Lord that girl can dance.  She did a piece to The Noose by A Perfect Circle?  And I may have almost wept at it’s beauty.  Stunning.  Truly.  I am awed and inspired and must start dancing every second of the day now.  Are you believing me?  It will be just like my writing!  *Kelly, procrastinates until the very last moment, but has absolutely the best intentions ever!*

I got home to find the house rocking.  It really was.  I fought my way past the heavy curtains and my eardrums exploded with the sound of massive gunfire.  It’s double points weekend for COD on xbox!  Oliver had been blissfully killing people all weekend.  ALL WEEKEND!  He’d put the kids to bed and turned the television up loud enough to bring World War II to our living room.  He didn’t even hear me come in.  I could have been the P Jesus who is apparently stalking the city and killing people!  Actually, we were pretty sure he was sitting behind us in the Loons, looking rather, P Jesus like and leering at us over the top of his beer.  I could have fired my own gun and killed my husband without him even knowing.  I can see it now, Oliver turning around and aiming the red xbox controller in a frenzy wondering why he will.not.die.  Oh true, not a real gun.  P Jesus WIN!  Oliver..LOSE.

It’s been hideously cold today. And last night actually. We’ve had the fire going all day.  I don’t like the change of seasons. It always feels like we haven’t had enough summer.  Summer gets shorter and shorter every year.  Apparently, just like me.

I Did It!!

I did!!  I really did, and it was hard, but good, and I’m terribly pleased with myself.  50,049 words in probably, umm…12 DAYS OH MY GOD! Renewed sense of pride right there!!!!

Nano kept a score for me. In the last 10 days I was averaging around 5000 a day. That’s a pretty good effort I think.  It’s far from being finished, obviously, and I think there will be loads of reworking before it is anywhere near good enough for anything.  But I did it!  And now, I am completely taking a break from it for a while, a short while, I promise.

Because right now, I am sick of looking at it!!!!

I Started.

I really did! I started my novel. I think, it will probably turn into a very short novel, but it’s a start, and who knows. Perhaps there will be room to flesh it out.  According to my lovely little word counter, I have achieved 2% of the words I’m supposed to write.  That’s pretty good right?  Actually, it’s crap. But it’s a start, and you have to start somewhere.

I don’t have a lot to tell you about today. I wrote way more than 2% during my day of roleplaying.  Yes, yes, procrastination much?  It’s so good though. It really is.  It’s extremely good practice.  I’ll get there yet. My fingers are very used to typing now, and I can almost do it without even thinking about what I’m doing.  It unnerves the children when I am looking right at them and typing.  Aleeya said to me yesterday “can you like, stand here where I am right now and just type without even looking?” I think, if I’d said yes, she would have called me her idol. Unfortunately, I am not quite that talented.

Today, the lady who is in charge of all the website changes came around to see how we’ve done.  I tell you now, that this has been cause for much alarm for Oliver and I. We are both, masters at the procrastination you see.  I was completely drawing a blank and he was refusing to be of any help. We had no images, and therefore, nothing for -me- to do.  I finally worked it into his head, that he needed to draft up a site so we could throw it together loosely and have something to show her.  We worked on a design, which is nothing like what she’d suggested or shown us, and the colours are bland right now, because I didn’t want us to get too into it, and have her go “um. I HATE IT!”  So we left it light coloured, whites and stuff, with a temporary image just so she got the feel for it.  I have been fretting all day and threw myself head first into roleplaying so that I did not have to think about it.

She came over and we showed her, and she really liked it.  It was so good, like so wonderfully good to know that we have something now to work with AND a load of images as well, so I can actually start to put together the graphics and we can try to figure out the right colour scheme for it.  I’m so, so glad she liked it.  I told her that we should be able to mesh it together and send her the url to look at in a few weeks time. She was excited.  She said “when will it be ready?  Say, January?” And I tell you, we almost quivered and died. January? That’s still two months away. She said, it would be nice to have it up and running when the new year classes begin, around Jan 31.  Oh, the bliss. BLISS!  Not that, I plan on procrastinating of course.  *sideways glance*  But it does mean that I can still write. And you know, I will hit 50,000 words if it kills me.  It’s the start that is the most difficult right?  Well, I have overcome that. I wrote, 1251 words in less than half an hour.

Don’t tell my dad.  He gets awfully grumpy at me when I say things like that.


Not a particularly good start right?  This one follows on from all the talk about aging disgracefully and stuff.  Because sometimes, you just must see these sorts of videos.  It is, I swear, one of the coolest bands you’ll ever hear!  And, from now on, I will behave and blog of November!


It is friday evening, and I have had one of those days that you just totally wish had never happened. I’m fairly sure that I would scare off the secret male readers I have out there. Uncle Derek, I’m looking at you! Yes, that’s right! My mother dutifully tells me you are reading and my father cringes in horror that you might be! So you know, let’s just say, it was totally worth the entire bottle of wine I have consumed all by myself.

You definitely should be reading Aleeya’s blog. And if you’re not, shame on you! She is very talented and totally has a knack for her mother’s sense of humour. Alright, and her grandfather’s. I must admit, this is why she and I butt heads so often, she is so like me that I find it completely frightening. Also, it’s hard to type, but I am forcing myself, and I’ll tell you why.

Rachel and the Rabbit have ABANDONED me! Can you believe it? Just because I am a day ahead of them, they think that it is okay to go to bed and ignore the fact that I have had a day totally worth forgettting about just so they can sleep while it is 1.30 and 2.30am respectively for them – or something…I mean, the NERVE, right?

Today I did more talking and gossiping with workmates than I did real work, and I love that. It’s just unfortunate that no one shares my inability for a good work ethic. I said to my boss today (Ollie is sick you see, so he has been home, pretending to rest but really spending too much time on MY COMPUTER even though he has his own) “I’m not in the mood for working, It’s not a day for working, let’s do something fun!” To which she replied “I”m going out for lunch!” And to which I was just slightly mortified. I mean, I was invited after all..but the truth of the matter is, I don’t know the lovely little pregnant girl who was leaving…and as much as I like a good lunch out, I could not justify my presence there. I just couldn’t! But oh my god, you should see how beautifully pregnant she was.  Every time she turned the corner and I was face to face with her it was really hard not to squee and touch that delicious belly of hers. She was my height and almost as wide as she was high. It was STUNNING! I will miss seeing her loveliness walking around the office looking like she is about to burst.

So I did not reply the email which was given to me second hand by the sweet half Malaysian girl who works in the accounting section I work at *dies for just a moment, because did you people here that? ME? working in accounting anything? I don’t do numbers..for 13 years every time Ollie looked like he was about to talk numbers at me, my eyes would glaze and I would tune out* when she asked me to go.

“You had so much fun at the last one, I thought you should come to this one too.” She said and I just fell in love with her a little bit at that comment. And today, she said to me “he’s 48” in reference to her husband, and I just fell in love with her a little bit more. Because 48???? She looks younger than me! Oh alright, it’s inexplicable the 48 year old partner thing, and that’s what I love the most. (Ollie was asked for ID today when we stopped at the supermarket for my wine. The strange little not all there lady kept giving us shifty eyes. That’s right, US! Not just him but me too! YUS! I am young again!!!) She ate yoghurt, and we all ate hot pastries and chocolate fudge and it was BLISS! So, yes. I remained in the office and made up for the half hour I was late, by writing a response to the vulgar person I am currently sharing a storytelling line with, and Don’t tell.

I had a real reason for this post I really did. But I’ve completely forgotten what is right now, and typing, my darlings, is getting much harder, so it is probably a good time to sign off.

Thanks for reading. Do I say that often enough? I mean it.
Now go read Aleeya…because she is hilarious beyond words. Oh and while you’re at it, Siobhan too, because she wants to be read as well now that she knows people actually take notice!