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gin and lemonade!

With freshly squeezed lemons is great! Did you know?

We have the most gloriously huge lemon tree in the history of lemon trees here, a never ending supply of lemons! Freshly squeezed lemonade, lemon pie, lemon puddings, lemon icing,…stop me before I start sounding like Bubba from Forest Gump.

Obviously a lot has happened since I last blogged. I am now the proud fur parent of both a chihuahua and a freshly made kitten. Neither of which I imagined I’d be parenting, but of whom I love very dearly. I shall post pictures of them when I can be bothered to get on my main computer. Actually..I could probably do it from here…don’t Mac products all link together? Let me see….

2014-06-05 20.01.32-2


That handsome wee man is my Thor. Yes. I did call my chihuahua Thor. Because it please me, and he likes it. What he doesn’t like so much however, is my trying to take a picture of his derp face. He pulls the most amazing one ever! But when you try to capture it on camera, he just gets embarrassed, and makes adorable faces at you instead.

2014-05-29 12.46.23


And that, most devilishly handsome and wicked beast, is Dr Bruce Banner aka The Hulk. Don’t let those sweet blue eyes fool you, he is wicked personified! Evil genius and so darn cute I forgive him everything. He is already starting to hulk over Thor. We like to imagine him as an adult, bored out of his mind by this tiny dog, and saying “Puny God.”

Yeah, sorry. Not at all ashamed of my love of comic book superheroes. They suit their names to a tee. Okay, Thor is probably not nearly as glamorous or as cool as his godlike namesake, but it’s still the best and most hilarious name for him ever.

Also, because I am failing spectacularly as a blogger, I’ve decided to try night blogging – which fits in with my work schedule, but may end up making my blog full of weirdness – like it wasn’t already huh? I mean…when it’s full of anything at all, of course.

chat roux

So most of you know that we brought our cats over with us from New Zealand to Australia. They were in a cattery for about a month I think, and it was pretty stressful on them. Greebo, our oldest especially. Lily was flown to us from my sister in the North Island, she’s an old hat at this plane travel business.

We were so worried they’d go missing, but luckily (even though it was brutal at the time) for us, the weather here was SO HOT, all the poor cats could do was slug out on the floor, panting like dogs. They barely left the house, and when they did it was to slink around in cat harnesses (tee hee! So funny!), at night before racing back in, with big black eyes and mortal terror all over their wee faces.

Greebo is in his golden years now. He’s the equivalent of his late 80’s and it’s starting to show too. He’s definitely retired from the rigors of fighting every night and bringing me home dead magpies. He goes out to the toilet, but spends all day in his inside box or meowing at me until I pay him the required amount of attention and love that he deserves and/or feed him.



He’s still very handsome though.

So when he wasn’t waiting at the door yesterday morning to come in, we were a little concerned. We took turns calling him to no avail. As the day went on, so did his lengthy absence. I started to get a little worried. After all, Australia is a big place, with many weird things in it – and not just the people, who promise you that there are no huge spiders here at all, are you kidding? Nah, no giant spiders….and then the very next week – what’s that casually parked outside your kitchen window? Yeah. A GIANT FREAKING SPIDER! As big as my hand! There one minute..gone forever the next.

If you think I’m ever going to stop checking my bed or my shoes before I get into them, you’re mistaken. So I’m thinking “what if he’s hurt? What if he’s trapped somewhere? What if he’s been eaten by giant spiders? Or snakes?” And all this thinking starts to make me teary eyed and hyperventilatey. So I stop thinking.

Siobhan went outside and called and called, and shook his food and still no Greebo.

It’s about 5pm by now, and Aleeya tries. Nothing. So I put up his photo on facebook and ask people to keep an eye out for him, and as soon as I post it, all angsty and teary eyed again, he comes home! Meowing as loudly as possible and looking almost as haggard and unkempt as he did when he got off the plane 5 months ago.

But man, was he ever pleased to have finally found the right house! The love and cuddles and motorised purring was so intense that it was as if he’d been gone for years.

2013-05-26-22.06Look at he! He missed me so much he was crying. And he would NOT let go. He clung to me desperately all night long. As he should! Making his own mumma worry that way.

This boy was almost born on Siobhan’s knee when she was 4 years old. He’s been with us for his whole life. We watch as he came into the world and ugh! He’s just my babe.



Moving Countries is Hard

but pretty amazing! We’ve been here now for almost six weeks and it’s finally starting to feel like home. Things have gone pretty smoothly. Ollie’s family have been great, without them I don’t think it would have fallen into place as quickly and as easily as it has.

Our original plans fell through a bit when we realised we’d have to rent, and move into a place very close to the city in order for the girls to be able to attend the school they want to go to. House hunting was starting to look really bad. Everything in our price range was terrible. Old, falling apart places rented to students for years…or just totally not at all what we wanted or needed. And add to that, we were bringing our cats over, places willing to take pets were hugely limited.

Then we were told about another site to check, and the first place we saw was the house that we eventually rented.

As soon as we saw it, we fell in love. It’s so cute and on the cutest street in the cutest neighbourhood where all the houses look just like this one. And at the end of the street is a chocolate factory!  No kidding! It was totally love at first sight. There are definitely pitfalls though. Like the fact that it has no airconditioning, and a day after we moved in, Adelaide was hit by a heatwave that rocketed the temperatures up past 40 degrees celcius! (that’s in the hundreds for you Americans). And we were DYING! The hottest Christchurch ever really got was 32. Ten degrees and more above this was devastating. Particularly without any air conditioning!

The house consists of two bedrooms and a loft. Ollie and I took the loft, but during the hot days, we’re sleeping in the lounge because it just bakes upstairs. It’s not so bad though, it’s a little like my idea of camping. In a room with a sofa bed and a proper bathroom right next door. 🙂

It’s hard to take photos that do this place justice, but here are a couple more:

This is our backyard. This is what truly won me over when we came here. I just love that view so much. The doors all open up so that it’s just a big flow indoors outdoors. There’s not a lot of it, but there’s enough for us. Behind the Buddha is a small shed, which is currently packed to the rafters with empty boxes. Every time I cook, this is my view. It makes being in the kitchen far less of a chore, I can tell you! We haven’t really spent much time out in it though to be honest. It’s far too hot! I found this lovely outdoors chair though that I really want. It’s a hanging basket and I plan to curl up out there when everyone goes back to work and school and write (this is assuming it’s going to cool down some).

My lovely little kitchen, which has far more bench space than I have ever had in my life! This is obviously not too long after we’d just moved in. We do have a fridge now, courtesy of family members who generously decided to upgrade their existing fridge/freezer and sold us their other one. You can just see my first kitchen purchase – that orange jug completes my entire life! You have no idea just how much I love it. I have also managed to acquire a stunning food processor and an amazing blender. Being able to go shopping for an entire new house load of things has been really great and also, really tiring. We are still not done yet, but the house is starting to sound a little less echoey and look a lot more homely!

Yeah, you’re absolutely right. That really is a floor to ceiling wine rack. 🙂 This view, I think, totally encapsulates why this wee house was made for me. It currently has a whole two bottles in it. This is the space underneath the stairs which lead up to the loft. Everything about this house just feels peaceful and welcoming and I really love being in it. Particularly when it isn’t too hot to move.

Our cats arrived on the hottest day we had – 44 degrees. It was terrible, and they were so uncomfortable. I’d never seen a cat pant like a dog before, it was cute and sad all at once.

I missed him too! They were both so glad to see us! And the heat was a blessing in disguise really, because they certainly did NOT want to go outside at all. Even now when we let them out they stick very close by. Lily has started to get a little more adventurous and has jumped the front fence a few times to investigate the houses across the road, but they haven’t really attempted to go far. Greebo found himself a spot under our bed and comes down for food and to go to the toilet. He’ll sometimes curl up under the bamboo, but he prefers to be inside. There are possums that hang out in the neighbours big trees and they freak the cats out.

Although I think the entire world should be scared of Buddha riding laser eyed Lily!

goodbyes are never easy

But they have to be said. It’s the end of 2010 and we just said goodbye to our oldest cat, Swirl, a couple of days ago. It was her time to go, but that doesn’t really make it any easier. We’ve been prepared for this day, for a long time, but still, pushing an unwilling cat into a carry box and taking her away to an end she doesn’t really understand is coming is a hard thing to do.

I couldn’t do it. I would have broken down when they said that whatever was wrong with her was fixable, and instead of $100 we’d have ended up paying $1000 to get her “fixed”. She couldn’t take care of herself anymore. She couldn’t keep herself clean, she smelled like pee and she peed constantly inside. She was getting vicious and forgetful and the summer heat wasn’t helping. She was incredibly overweight and I have a feeling she was riddled with cancer. She’d had a strange spot on her nose for years, and her stomach wasn’t soft fat, it was rock hard.

Ollie took her in and came back and was upset. We held each other and I promised that next time it would be my turn. I’m no good at doing that sort of thing. It’s not easy, even when you know it’s for the best. I keep seeing her everywhere and waiting for her to slink past me on the way to the food bowls. It’s left me feeling a little strange and emotional. Vulnerable, angry, sad…I didn’t think I’d feel this way, but I do.

Anyway, it’s a new year tomorrow. I’m going to try to write here more. I know I keep saying that, but the problem is, I don’t ever have anything amusing to talk about, and I feel like all my posts are whiny and emo, which just annoys me. The quakes since Boxing Day haven’t really helped either. There are possibly a few more cracks appearing in the house and it really doesn’t do anything for my moods.

I’m not making any new year resolutions this year. Every time I do, the year turns to crap. One goodbye that I am definitely looking forward to is the end of 2010. It’s been a hideous year on so many different levels and I am not sad at all to be saying goodbye to it. Bring on 2011.

Sweet dreams fat Swirl. xo


I’m getting awfully slack with my blogging. I know it, you know it..we all know it. The problem is, nothing interesting is really happening! I suppose I should use this time to put up some photos, but that requires opening photoshop, and when I do that, I get sidetracked into making completely different graphics instead. I know, I Am Hopeless!

Greebo turned up! 10 days after he went missing, we got a call from the landlords saying he was around at the old house. Sure enough, there he was. Sitting on the newly installed deck and staring longingly inside, wondering where we were and who the noisy yapping little white dog was. Ollie brought him home in the car, he’s thin now. Well, thin to us, but probably quite a good size for a cat. He has a waist! He was so glad to be home that he ate, and ate, and ate and purred and loved us and meowed, and three days later, he’s still afraid to leave the house. He sits underneath me when I’m on the computer, or wrapped in my arms on the couch while I watch television, and purrs all day long. But the outside world holds little interest to him now. He’ll go out, but he’d much rather stay in. Poor wee soul. I imagine this must be his last life, and he’s figured that out for himself too.

Ollie and I went out for dinner and a movie on Thursday night. It was so lovely, we went two hours early and wandered around together like all the other childless couples. Did I tell you that my parents have the kids? Well they do. They’re coming home via plane on Tuesday. We had delicious burgers, and large fries which I swear were small fries..the little Asian who served us would not be budged. She said “have you eaten any?” to which we laughed and said she said “I’ll bring you a few more” and literally, that’s what she did. Maybe..3 more? It was so bizarre that it was hilarious. The burgers were huge and wonderful, but I don’t think we’ll be going back there. We watched I Am Legend. It was good, but I’m not sure it was worth it’s own paragraph. It wasn’t bad at all..a bit of entertainment anyway.

I bought myself some new bra’s. I know, for most people that’s not interesting, but it really is for me! I have SUCH trouble finding decent bra’s. They were having a sale in the store and I wandered around..tried one on..hated it…and finally one of the young late night workers asked if I needed help. “Yes!” I sobbed disconsolately. “I can’t ever find bra’s that fit me properly!” She was very sweet..sweeter than I was expecting for someone younger than me. “I have old ladies boobs!” I wailed, “I need something that lifts them up and keeps them there!” She eyed my chest critically and said “you do not have old lady boobs, I have seen old lady boobs and trust me, you don’t have them!” And then she found me the most perfect bra in the world! I looked slimmer as soon as I put it on. Then, then she proceeded to find me 3 others. I walked out with three. I couldn’t help it, every one of them looked great. I don’t get that feeling very often. I have a feeling they’re supportive old lady bras, but they’re lacy and pretty at the same time..except the one which is just monster support and perfection. She said, this brand was perfect for me, because the really extra super large sizes are all snapped up fast, but that the smaller sizes (as in, weight sizes) don’t go as fast. I think she was telling me I was small, but big boobed. Anyway, she fitted me perfectly and I am super pleased.

See? Once you start me writing, stopping me is the difficult part.

Speaking of writing, my roleplay has been amazing lately. I’m so impressed with myself! I tried to make a decision to write more outside of roleplay, but so far, it hasn’t happened. It will though, Ollie keeps telling me I need to write for a wider audience, and not just the few people in the room who share it with me. He’s right of course. I have ideas in my head now, and I am reading up a storm with the kids gone and the holidays here..I stay in bed and just read the mornings away. Not very good for getting stuff done, I concur. But, the reading is wonderful..I’m enjoying it a lot and it is helping me find the words again. It’s funny how when you start reading everything in sight again, your own creativity is sparked. I must get on to the outside writing. Ollie had great ideas, and I should do them. I will do them.

We’ve been doing a few little walks too, not nearly enough..the weather has been changable, but that’s been nice too. I think maybe I should get off here now that it’s lunchtime, tidy up a little..go for a walk, do the groceries and spend the evening relaxing. We watched Black Snake Moan last night, have you seen it? You should. It’s very, very good in a disturbing sort of way.

Happy New Year

It’s been awhile hasn’t it internet?  My apologies for neglecting you so terribly!!  How was your Christmas? Did you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed mine?  Ours was quiet and relaxed, the girls were spoiled rotten as always, and I got presents too!  I spent most of my time reading, which was wonderful, I’ve missed just sitting around reading and being lazy and shopping and eating. Oliver and the girls did a few walks around the place, I went on the last one with mum too.  It was beautiful, we took a ton of photos, and then came home again.  The girls have stayed on in Nelson for another week, we’re going to meet half way, in Kaikoura for lunch, to pick them up and bring them home again – unless we can find a cheaper flight.

Returning home has been lovely.  Coming back to our very own house was a great feeling.  Greebo has disappeared again though, I wonder if this time it’s for good.  Lily spent the night smooching and purring around me, she curled up in bed with me, her face pushed into my throat and her front paw slung lovingly across my neck.  We cuddled for hours before she finally stopped purring and fell asleep.  It was so gorgeous that I couldn’t help but squish her.  She got up, pranced around and then curled up with me again, my arm slung around her until Ollie got sick of our lovefest and dragged her out.  I know!

The next morning, even Swirl cuddled.  It’s nice to know they miss you when you’re gone.  Yeah right..they missed being inside and fed whenever they darn well wanted it and I know it!

Happy new year my friends.  May it be as wonderful as you all are.
I’ll share pictures soon, I promise.

Wayward children

My wayward son – Greebo turned up on the back lawn this morning. He was gone for four days, and I was sure he was dead. He looks a little thinner and was full of the purring and the smooching and the “you missed me? why foolish humans, I’m here aren’t I? Now feed me damnyou!”


Have I told you how fantastic my kids are? Yeah, I know..every parent says that about their own kids, but in my case, it’s actually the truth. I have two of the most amazing children in the entire world. Yesterday, they came home from school with their end of year school reports – because unlike you, odd Americans, with your winter at the wrong time of the year, our school year finishes at the end of this week for the summer holidays.

Every year, I look forward to the end of year school reports, and every year, I am never let down by those kids. The highlights for me are the teacher’s comments, and of course, their results in English, know, it’s my subject. Both of them are improving in mathematics which is great too of course, you want to have your kids be great at everything, of course..they can’t be and I like to give credit where credit is due. The fact that unlike me, they actually try to understand numbers is more than enough for me.

I’ll start with Siobhan, because after all, she is the oldest. Siobhan’s report doesn’t have her reading age this time around, she’s just turned 11, and the last time they recorded it it was around 15 years plus. Her writing is improving, and she was selected for a creative writing course earlier in the year, most of you have seen her poetry, it was awesome. Siobhan surprises me with her ability to learn languages. She has a real talent for it. I think it’s all the reading perhaps, she retains information really incredibly. She has a wee Korean friend who has been there this year. Siobhan was chosen to be this girls buddy at the beginning of the year, because she is such a sweet girl, she’s always thinking about the well-being of other people and likes to have them feel like they belong. These two developed a really close friendship and have been best friends all year. She is leaving at the end of the school year, I’m sad about this, because they have developed a really close bond. Siobhan bought her a beautiful little bracelet from the Gondola shop, it is linked little silver kiwis with different coloured paua inlays. It’s really lovely. She has learnt how to speak and write Korean over the last 6 months from this girl. She can introduce herself, her family and write the characters, she knows how to say all our names and goodness knows what else in Korean. She is also very good with Maori language. In fact, she’s mastered all the basics they have taught her, and got every answer correct in the test they just had where they had to write the answers in Maori. In her teacher’s comments, you always hear how quiet and kind she is, and how she always works really hard. Her teacher says she has made huge progress in both numeracy and literacy. I am very proud of her.

Aleeya’s report was more of a surprise actually. She is always quiet in class and we’re always told how shy she is when speaking, however her report says that she participates fully in class discussions and justifies her ideas and opinions positively and effectively. I’m really impressed. This year she has had a male teacher, he is quite young and delightful. He’s a new addition to the school and a real blessing I have to say. It was funny, during the first week, when I always go up to their classrooms with them to get myself familiarised with the teachers, I noticed some of the other mothers, you know the type, the ones who are overweight and slob around in tracksuits constantly – were turning up with their hair done and lovely clothing on and full of smiles. Not that I could blame them, he really is rather stunning. Aleeya has responded really well to having him as her teacher this year. She’s an amazingly clever girl anyway, but I think this year she’s really come out of her shell and shown people what she is truly capable of. He has written a special note in her report stating that her reading age is 12+ years and that her comprehension is very good. Her spelling age is 13 years. Let’s not forget that Aleeya is turning 9 next Wednesday. She has always been an impressive speller, but to be spelling at high school level in her 4th year of school really blows me away. Her teacher has written in his comments that she has “maintained the same superb effort through all curriculum areas and never let her high standards slip at any point.” He goes on to say that she “continues to entertain with her unique writing style…” amongst a lot of other really heart warming, tear jerking wonderfulness that just make you as a parent feel really really proud of the fact you have raised two wonderful, clever little individuals.

Ollie’s Japanese Builder Friend gives us Japanese sweets and crackers for the girls, he gave us these fantastic little sweet animal crackers which the girls have been mad on. Each little animal has it’s name on it, just in case you’re not sure what it is. The other day, Aleeya came bursting out of the kitchen with the little box in her hands going “Mum, mum, look! I’ve got a cock!”

And sure enough, she really did.


Everything is finally starting to come together, okay, so it has been for awhile now and I’ve just not had the right cables and bits and pieces to actually take photos to show you. I do now though, the electricians came and put sockets in the walls and stuff, so Ollie is starting to unpack computery cabley things now.

I tell you what internet..the next time you think, or hear someone talk about whiny need to meet this electrician. I have never, in my entire life met anyone quite like him before. He arrived on time, in fact slightly early actually and introduced himself to me, and his little mate too. He looked to be around..ohh 25-28? Tall, very good looking that skinny, scruffy guy kind of New Zealand boy way, which really doesn’t do much for me, except on the occasion be interesting eye candy..and he had..I guess his apprentice with him…a sullen looking young guy who must have been around 17 or 18..they came in and I told them where the socket things were needed and where the lights were going and he’s all “cool, cool.” And so I left them to it. I sat myself on the couch and read. Bliss I tell you…bliss.

So anyway, even though he asked me where I wanted the sockets put, he put them where he wanted to anyway, and I swear to you internet, on my life as your new entertainment writer of the century, the whole two or so hours he was here, all he did was bitch and moan. His drill wasn’t working, he just couldn’t believe it. What was with the wall anyway? Was it a beam there? For fuck sake, he’d have to go under the house. Where’s the man hole? (Up the man’s arse! I wanted to tell him) I heard him swearing and blinding while he was under the house too. Every time he had to do something, he swore about it and moaned and stamped his feet and sighed dramatically and whined and cried and lost his hat.

The poor little kid with him was running around trying to do stuff and this guy is all “I hate these fucking stupid little fucking jobs” and I’m thinking to myself, riiiight, and this guy wants to get paid for this? Seriously, I was torn between fits of giggles and fits of embarrassment on his behalf. I have never met anyone less professional in all my life. It was just..bizarre! Like..totally bizarre! He was so embarrassing I was ashamed on his behalf. I had to disappear into my bedroom and immerse myself in a conversation on the phone with my friend.

He used Ollie’s cable, which Ollie had specifically asked him not to use while I was frantically txting him about what was going on and how awful this boy was..he rung me going “can I talk to him?” I’m all “are you serious? You want me to go over there with the phone??” he was SO polite when you talked to him..but I’d hate to think what he’d be like if he was left alone in someone’s house. I mean, if he acts so unprofessionally when you’re home what would he be like if you weren’t?? Rifling through my knickers drawer? Ollie specifically told him not to use the cable..turns out, he wasn’t going back under the house for anything, and used it anyway, seeing it was already there.

Everything works, and he did (to his credit) vacuum his mess up after him…but OMG internet, OMG. I felt so sorry for the boy working with him..quiet sullen little thing, so polite and thankful when you showed him where the roof entrance was and where to go for certain things..we had security lights put in too..they work..but ask me where the switch for them is..go on! Ask me?

I’ve got no idea.

In other news, my two gingers have disappeared together. I’m not sure what exactly to do about this. They don’t appear to be at the old house. Greebo has been gone since last night, and Miss Lily came in once the electricians had left, disappeared again and I haven’t seen her since. It’s all very concerning and stressful.

In other, other news..I had my braces tightened today. They HURT again…but they’re adorable. I’m totally decked out for Christmas. I have red and green on all of them..even the front ones, let’s see people not notice them now! I tried to get you all a picture but it just would not show properly at all. Look at my living area’s though! The bedrooms aren’t particularly interesting, and no shot did them justice…they’re just not decorated enough yet…but look at my living areas!

That’s my little old kitchen. It looks smaller than it is because it’s a really odd shape, behind the fridge is all this empty space which is full of cat cages for them to sleep in and litter, you didn’t need to see that..but anyway..the possiblity of making it one large kitchen is totally you see that I have a dishwasher? And it’s not me! I know!!

That’s Ollie’s box of computery cabley things there..this is before I tidied up this morning..and obviously, my dining room. On the right is where my computer is, where the box is, is where Ollie’s is..I love the dining room. See all the sun coming in from the french doors? So nice..the beam you can just see, is a double opening glass door which goes into the lounge. What you can’t see is that the big squiggly white vase is holding peacock looks so great against that dark wall..I love feffs!!!

And this is the lounge! Again, things were moved slightly out of their proper places because it was first thing in the morning, and I have kids and a smelly husband. The box there is Ollie’s bodhran which I bought him when I went to Ireland last..I really want it against one of the dark walls, cos it’s beautiful against, seriously..but the only spare one is over the fireplace and I don’t think that’s a good plan. Course, I could move the picture there..I’m just not sure it’s right there either. Anyways..eventually, I’m going to have the bookcase where the Christmas tree is, because where the bookcase is, will be perfect for my mother’s rocking chair which she said I can have. So there’s two chairs with my little collection of teaching notes stashed in a table thing between them on the left and the couch on the right, and yes, I realise the tv isn’t centred, but that is because we’re going to get a DVD rack which will go to the left there..and hold the pile of DVD’s you might be able to see there. And that, internet, is the most interesting part of my home!!

And, as I was typing this..Miss Lily came home. One ginger down, one to go. Think positive homely thoughts for my big ginga boy. I miss him when he’s not here…

Home Alone

Get this internet!

It is 9am, I am showered, dressed and have just come home from walking the girls to school. I KNOW! I have two loads of washing to hang out and some work to do around the house of course..boxes to unpack, things to tidy up..last night I went through our huge box of photos and stored them all in the dining room cabinet. We have a dining room cabinet! The top drawer has all my glasses in it and the dinner plates, and the bottom drawer has memories. All our photo albums and saved special stories and pictures that the kids have done at kindergarten and school. Also, office supplies – envelopes, pens, drawing pins etc.

What really impresses me though, is that I am up and dressed and it’s only 9am! Unheard of! I’m so looking forward to having this entire day all to myself to just do whatever I like in my very own house. The cats are settling in really nicely, Swirl has taken to hiding under Siobhan’s bed, but the other two are perfectly happy here now, thank you very much. I don’t know what’s up with Swirl at all. She comes out and sleeps on top of Siobhan’s bed once the house has returned to quiet, but she’s not at all interested in looking around otherwise. I am hating having to have cat boxes inside. But they are using them and this pleases me. Even if Greebo sat in one and looked at me while having a big poo that almost killed me. Eye-wateringly bad I tell you! Ugh! They’re funny, we have two boxes, and they seem to pee in one and poo in the other! All very interesting, I know.

The girls are so proud of their rooms! You should see them. And you will I promise! Once everything is in place..which may take some time yet..still though, they look great, and they’re so pleased with themselves. Everything is neatly put away, and proudly displayed on their dressers and their bookcases and they’re very proud of themselves. I need to get some picture hooks so that we can put up pictures. I still have a full box load of old Pixiphotos (they’re a professional company who specialise in taking kids/baby photos and you get suckered into buying thousands of them which you then have to store), some of the frames will be re-used for more artistic photography, and photos of my grandparents which I am hoping to print out at work before I leave on good A3 sheets. Ahh the perks of being a professional photographer. hee!

I think I should get a few more photo albums..those big sticky ones so that I can put all the huge pixiphotos in it and not have them get all ruined. I’ve found such interesting things. It’s amazing, when you don’t have a digital camera, just what sort of photos you keep. We have some amazingly crap ones, and duplicates from here to eternity. I sorted through them all last night and have a pile to throw away. Ollie had a wee panic attack about it, but he’ll survive. I found photos of us from drunken nights out, and pin-up poses he made me get in, and do you know what? I used to be so gorgeous! I had legs to die for! I forgot my legs used to be that good. All that karate and gyming and running around the city for my work and walking to and from work up and down hills all day long certainly did my body good. I will have to scan some and show you! I had such bad afro 80’s hair though..and to was the 90’s and still I had bad 80’s hair!

We spent all afternoon yesterday clearing out the garden shed and the garage of the old house. It was awful. We had totally underestimated how much stuff we had. We had to bring home two of the three trailer loads of rubbish because the stupid refuse station closed at 4.30pm! Although, we did find out that we can recycle almost anything there, which is good news. Everything at one place makes life so much simpler. I think Ollie has learned his lesson about hoarding though, I said “do you see why it’s not a good thing to keep everything now?” and he looked at me all annoyed and exhausted and said “yes!” let’s hope that he remembers that in a year’s time!

We went looking around furniture stores yesterday guessed it! New dressers! There isn’t actually a whole lot that I really like. I’m tempted to just get another chest of drawers..we have good mirrors in the bathroom and a lovely almost full length one in the hall that has it’s own little light over it for those days when I need to make myself beautiful. Although, it’s always handy to have one in your can buy little mirrors with drawers under them that sit on the top of tallboys though. We are thinking about buying a whole bedroom set, we could use a headboard..we could probably use an entire new bed..all our furniture is pretty rubbish in there aside from Ollie’s tallboy which we bought new a few years ago. We’ve been looking at swing seats and outdoor furniture, and television cabinets and all kinds of things. It’s fun. We drive past kitchen places getting excited by the amount of them all dedicated to revamping our kitchen.

So, what am I going to do today you might ask? Well, it is now almost 9.30am..I’m going to hang out my two loads of washing, go make the kids beds, clear some more boxes if I can..a lot of the stuff left now is Ollie’s, it’s all wires and computery things that I don’t really know what to do with, and then I’m going to set up the Christmas tree so that the girls can decorate it after school. We bought some Christmas lights yesterday too, which we’re going to set up over the sliding’ll be all twinkle twinkle and pretty.

I love having my own home. I love that I am home alone in it today and that I only have the next two days and Sunday to work, and then two shifts next week before I’m finished work for good. The sun is shining, the cats will be able to go outside and I can open those sliding doors and relax outside on my deck looking at my delicious garden and admiring how wonderful and warm this house is.

aww yeah!

We’re home!

There is so much left to do of course, a ton of stuff left to unpack, things to put away and find new homes for..but most of it is done.  Once all the boxes are gone, it’s going to look so lovely. The kids rooms are great, they’re such good sizes, all I’m not liking right now is my ugly dresser which is totally ruining the whole house.  Alright, so not the whole house, but it’s totally out of place in our room.  I’m not liking it much at all.

Ollie just went over to get the cats, they’re all freaking out, everything smells like them, but it’s totally not the house they know at all thank you very much.  Greebo got into the car by himself and didn’t need a cage at all..they’re slinking around every room, peering out the windows and not at all sure what’s going on at all..they’re all very smoochy though and relatively content..just a bit weirded out at the sameness in all the difference.

Photo’s to come!  I have to get rid of boxes and set up the Christmas tree and show you all how lovely it all is!